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Topic: Kitchen Project

From Cramped To Spacious: The Power Of A Strategic Kitchen Renovation

For prospective home buyers, the size of the kitchen—including the amount of countertop space—is typically an important checkmark for the home’s...

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How To Budget For A Kitchen Renovation

If you’ve been dreaming of a kitchen renovation, you’ve most likely been turning to Houzz or Pinterest for inspirational ideas. That’s a good...

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4 Things To Consider So You Can Stay Sane During A Remodel

Remodeling your kitchen or bathroom comes with much anticipation and excitement, but it also presents challenges for how your family can...

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4 Spring Cleaning Tasks That Will Refresh Your Kitchen & Bath

After the seemingly never-ending snowstorms that hit the Northeast this year, it’s a huge relief to see some signs of spring. Hopefully it won’t...

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How to Create a Realistic Budget for Your Kitchen Remodel

  While setting a budget for your upcoming kitchen remodel may not be as fun as browsing different floor plans, choosing custom cabinetry and...

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Kitchen Project Timing

Recently, I met with a young client who is building their new home.  They were not sure on the overall look, the finishes, or the appliances, but...

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