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Kitchen Cabinet Design - Television Placement

kitchen television placement

As the kitchen is the room that everyone ends up in, no wonder the television has joined this space.  However, it is difficult to find a home for it without planning for it in your kitchen cabinet design.  Finding the correct location is as important as any appliance.  The goal for kitchen television placement is for the television to not end up sitting on your countertop, taking up valuable real estate!

In order to find the corrent location, there are several questions that you should answer first.  Is the tv for the prep cook, snack time for the kids or the morning news and coffee?  Think about how the family uses the kitchen to help you decide. Here are some examples of various television locations:


kitchen television placementFor the cook:  In this kitchen, the tv is located within a full wall unit.  The main purpose is for the cook to view television, away from the sink and the eating area.  There is an adjacent living room, for the children to watch when their meal time is complete.  The cable box sits on the shelf also.



kitchen television placementFor the cook and seating area:  This tv, located between the fridge and ovens, fits perfectly in the 24" deep cabinetry.  It can be viewed from several areas; the cook at the cooktop and the family seated at the countertop overhang.  A flat screen is not necessary in this location, as the adjacent cabinetry is 24" deep.


 kitchen television placement

For the seating area:  Located together with a desk, this tv can disappear behind the pocket doors when not in use.  It is used for the morning news traffic updates with coffee.  This location is for minimal usage by the cook.



kitchen television placementUndercabinet unit:  This compact unit is mounted to the underside of a wall cabinet and can swivel for multiple viewing areas.  Due to the screen size, about 10", it is difficult to view from a distance.  This unit is perfect for the news update and most models also have a radio function.  The tv can flip up when not in use.  The cable box needs to be mounted elsewhere, with the red eye technology.  If it is mounted in the above wall cabinet, you would have to open the cabinet doors to change the channel.



What if your kitchen is completed and you now wanted to add a tv?  Hire an av specialist, , such as Paul Jung, from NexSense to the rescue.


kitchen television placementPlacing the tv on the counter wasted valuable counter space and the family

wanted it to be wall mounted.  The cable box and cables on the countertop were an eyesore.



 kitchen television placement

An area for centralized viewing was agreed upon.  An electrical outlet, tv bracket & cables were  installed.  Wiring was fished through the finished walls from the basement.



kitchen television placementThe finished product allows for viewing from the eating area and the island prep work.  It is flush mounted to the wall. The cable box is located in the basement using an IR repeater system to bring the signal to the tv.


Does your current kitchen have a television?  How did you solve the location dilemma if it wasn't planned from the beggining?  If you need help, we are here for you!

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