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Why are English Bathrooms and Kitchens Carpeted?

Great home design is all about the balance between practicality and comfort. Hall closets, showers over bathtubs, and conveniently placed light...

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Can the Kitchen and Toilet have a Common Wall?

The arrangement of your bathroom has a big influence on your experience. The space around the toilet, the direction of the door hinges, and the...

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What Are the Trendy Bathroom Design Ideas?

As a space you use every day, designing your bathroom to suit your preferences and personal style is important.

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What Makes a Bathroom Luxurious?

If you are like most people, you probably have a standard bathroom with basic features (tub, shower, mirror, toilet, sink, and facility for...

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What is the ROI for Remodeling a Bathroom?

If you are considering a bathroom remodel, you may be curious about how the money you spend equates to the increase in your home's value.

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Kitchen Remodel Ideas that Support Healthy Habits

Many people are constantly on a journey to live healthfully. Choosing nutritious foods and exercising routinely are both important aspects of...

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5 Ideal Kitchen Designs Every Homeowner Should Know About

The work triangle was devised in the 1920s to make the kitchen more usable and functional. The triangle creates a specific path between the...

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5 Signs That You Need A Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen remodeling is a big home improvement project, and you need to think and rethink, especially due to the costs and disruptions that tag...

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Your Eco-Friendly Kitchen Remodel Checklist

An increasing number of people are looking towards eco-friendly trends when it comes to remodeling.

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5 Top Kitchen Trends to Incorporate in 2021

If you're considering starting a new interior design project this winter, incorporating some of the new year's most popular trends into your...

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