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Kitchen Lighting 101:Everything You Need to Know About Kitchen Lighting

Good kitchen lighting is the primary feature of an ideal kitchen. Regardless of the perfection of other kitchen design elements, lighting carries...

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Should You Hire an Architect or an Interior Designer?

The question of whom to hire between an architect and an interior designer is a valid and critical one for your building project.

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How Bathroom Remodeling Can Add Space to a Bathroom

Bathrooms tend to be the smallest rooms in any house. They are also where we need the most elbow-room getting ready in the morning.

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Kitchen Essentials: 7 Key Things That Make a Great Kitchen 

The kitchen is the heartbeat of every home and is usually at the core of every family activity. Whether you are cooking, eating, cleaning, or...

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How to Design Your Dream Bathroom

A dream bathroom design is something that is unique for each person or couple. Every person has their own preferences for the perfect bathroom. 

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What is the Best Color for a Kitchen? Six of the Best Colors to Choose for Your Kitchen

The color of your kitchen plays many roles. This includes reflecting light, making your kitchen cheerful, and increasing the resale value of your...

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What Makes a Bathroom Luxurious?

When you walk into a bathroom, you get a sense for the space. Some bathrooms feel cozy, some are statements, and some give you that wonderful...

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Why Do People Build Dual-Basin Sinks in Bathrooms?

There are many ways to design a convenient and elegant bathroom. There are circular mirrors and wall-sized mirrors. 

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What is the Best Color for Your Bath Towel

Different colors convey different meanings and are perceived differently. They have a significant impact on your emotion, moods, and behavior. 

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Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes to Avoid: The Do's and Don'ts

Sitting down to finally plan a remodeling job for your kitchen is quite exciting. However, there are pitfalls that you may want to avoid to...

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