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Things to Consider During a Kitchen Remodel

You have done all the planning.  You have found the perfect designer.  Your construction crew is ready to go.  

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How to Give an Old House an Open Floor Plan with Columns

What makes a home welcoming to a modern family has changed a great deal in the last several decades. But it wasn't always this way.

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5 Types of Lighting that are Best for the Kitchen

Lighting in most rooms is chosen for form, how it adds to the interior design while also providing illumination. 

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Five Ways to Add Color to Your Bathroom Design

Bathrooms are often the most overlooked part of a home. They tend to be small, cramped, or just plain. 

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Top 8 Decorative Open Shelving Kitchen Ideas

Open shelving is one of the top trends in kitchen design. These shelves aren't just highly efficient and appealing. 

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Kitchen Trends for 2020

Kitchen trends for 2020 are a celebration of luxury, simplicity, and performance all rolled into one.   As we have begun to embrace more time...

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7 Appreciable Benefits You Gain from Kitchen Remodeling

Remodeling your kitchen is a project anyone can take on. You can do a light remodel or get serious about rebuilding the cabinetry. 

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6 Benefits of Ceramic Bathroom Tile

When remodeling your bathroom, the choice in tile can be overwhelming. There are so many materials and styles to select. 

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What is Seamless Bathroom Tile and Where Do I Use It?

Tiling a bathroom is a work of art as well as a function. Your tiles need to be water-resistant, textured for safety, and grouted expertly into...

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What Color is Best for Bathroom Tiles

On the baseline, bathroom tile flooring will ensure that your bathroom floor stands the test of time. 

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