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Going Green: Ecological Ways to Renovate Your Kitchen

If you are building or remodeling your kitchen, now is the perfect opportunity to increase the sustainability of your entire home and your energy use...

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Poolside Summer: The Perfect Powder Room Design

If your home has a backyard pool, you know that the downstairs powder room gets a lot of use. The ideal powder room design is actually a miniature...

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How To Keep Cabinets In Great Shape

If you have lived in a few houses, you know that not all cabinets last forever. You've likely seen ragged cabinets, sagging cabinets, cabinets with...

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Keeping Your Sanity (and Territory) While Hosting a Family Event

Every year, one house hosts family events. For decades, the host may have been a beloved parent or grandparent, but these duties eventually pass on...

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Designing a Nursery for Your New Baby

Welcoming a new baby to your home is an exciting time, and many new parents get ready for the big day by building a nursery. The perfect nursery...

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Thinking Ahead: Leak Prevention Built-In

When you're making plumbing modifications, one of the best things you can do is think ahead about leak and flooding risks. Even the best plumbing...

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Selecting the Right Bathroom Countertop

Bathroom remodels are a great idea for anyone looking to update old fixtures and improve the overall value of your home. If you are doing a full...

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The Key to a Functional Kitchen: Do Modern Kitchens Have Pantries?

Imagine entering your kitchen to see a gorgeously decorated and well-organized pantry. Everything, from your cooking oils to your preferred snacks,...

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Designing the Perfect Laundry Room

Laundry is an essential part of running your household. An efficient laundry room can really contribute to laundry moving efficiently through your...

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4 Benefits of Custom Kitchen Cabinet Designs

Rebuilding your cabinets is the ultimate power move when renovating your kitchen. It's not just about replacing the old particle board, though that...

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