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6 Essential Tips to Find Your Best Kitchen Window Treatments

Kitchen windows have always been an important part of home design. The sun shining through your kitchen windows can influence your entire kitchen...

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How to Define Your Own Interior Design Style

Getting started with interior design always starts at home. How do you decorate your own living room, kitchen, or bedroom? 

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Some of Our Favorite Bathroom Upgrades

If you are planning a bathroom remodel, consider some of our favorite upgrades to give your bathroom a luxurious, spa-like feel.

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Upgrade Your Bathroom Cabinets with New Knobs and Pulls!

An attractive bathroom adds beauty and value to your home. Upgrade your bathroom cabinets with new knobs and pulls for a fresh look, even if you...

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Kitchen Island Costs: Everything You Need to Consider

A kitchen remodel is one of the best ways to update your home and also add serious value. Adding an island is one way to instantly increase...

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Can you give me some tips on decorating my wall?

The way in which you decorate the walls in your home matters. After all, wall decor can make a tremendous impact on how the entire space looks and...

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How to Decorate My Kitchen Wall?

Kitchen decorations are a uniquely personal choice. The way you decorate your kitchen can create joy every time you enter to cook a meal. 

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Is wallpaper still a popular option for decorating your walls?

Home decor has come a long way and so has wallpaper.  It is no longer your Granny's floral prints that have to be covered in gooey paste. 

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What are the Current Trends in Bathroom Design?

Redesigning your bathroom, one of the best things to investigate is the latest bathroom trends. 

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What are some creative ways to use photos as wall art?

We all have our favorite photos.  Maybe it is from your family or from your ancestors.  Or perhaps it is to remember a special event or vacation.

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