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How Much Does a Small Kitchen Remodel Cost?

Kitchens are the heart of our home. But as time passes, we find that our needs and tastes change, which often leaves us dreaming of a kitchen that...

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5 Tips to Plan an Affordable Kitchen Remodel

Planning a kitchen remodel, you've probably heard cost estimations on both ends of the spectrum. On one hand, it is possible to go all-out on a...

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Embracing Change: 11 Ways to Phase Out a White Kitchen

For years, the white kitchen has reigned supreme in the world of interior design. Its clean, timeless appearance has been a favorite among...

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7 Tips for Maximizing Every Square Inch of Your Small Bathroom.

Small bathrooms are a design essential, adding versatility and comfort to any home. However, they can be challenging to decorate or optimize.

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Here's How Much It Costs To Update Your Countertops.

With food being so integral to our lives, it's no wonder the kitchen is often hailed as the heart of the home. One of the biggest elements of a...

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7 Things in Your Kitchen That May Concern Potential Home Buyers

The condition of your kitchen is likely to be one of the first things potential buyers notice when touring your home, which means that making sure it...

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7 Things To Keep Out Of Your Kitchen, According To Designers.

Your kitchen is the center of family life. It is where you prepare meals, hold impromptu family meetings, and get creative with whatever's in the...

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15 Things That Make Your Bathroom Look Dated.

While modernity isn't a holy grail that should hold all your aspirations -- there's nothing wrong with your home hosting the vintage or secondhand --...

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Why the Placement of Your Cabinetry Knobs and Pulls Matters.

At a glance, most kitchens have the same cabinet knob placement designs. They are small, within reach, and generally make your kitchen easy to use....

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5 Bathroom Design Features to Include in Your Remodel

When it comes to designing your dream bathroom, there are so many features and styles to consider. As experienced designers who have been in the...

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