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Topic: Kitchen Remodels

Getting the Most Bang for Your Buck With a Kitchen Remodel

You've been dreaming of remodeling your kitchen for years but have put it off because you aren't sure you can afford it. Don't worry; with some smart...

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Uncovering Inspiration for Your Dream Kitchen Island

You've been dreaming of the perfect kitchen island for years. An island that's not just functional but inspires you every time you walk into the...

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Kitchen Design Ideas: Where to Find Tons of Inspiration

You've decided it's finally time to remodel that outdated kitchen of yours. But where do you even start? With so many options for cabinet styles,...

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Picking the Perfect Time for a Kitchen Remodel

You've been dreaming of a total kitchen overhaul for years. The layout feels cramped, the cabinets are faded and dingy, and the appliances are...

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Bright Ideas: Choosing the Perfect Kitchen Lighting

You know how light can make or break a room? Well, your kitchen is no exception. With so many options, from pendants to under-cabinet to the humble...

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Crafting Your Dream Kitchen? Follow the Golden Rule

You've always dreamed of having that perfect kitchen. The kind you see in magazines with gleaming countertops, high-end appliances, and tons of...

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Inset Kitchen Cabinets - What You Need to Know

You've decided it's finally time for a kitchen remodel. You're picturing shiny new appliances, sparkling counters, and beautiful custom cabinetry....

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2024 Kitchen Color Trends: What You Need to Know

Looking to give your kitchen a fresh new look in 2024? When it comes to picking paint colors and materials for your kitchen remodel or refresh,...

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The Simple Trick to Matching Painted Cabinets

You've got these beautiful cabinets that you spent good money on years back. But now the paint's chipping and worn, and they're looking a little sad.

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Get the Most From Your Small Kitchen With a Smooth Remodel

You know that small kitchen of yours could use a makeover. But where do you start? And how do you make sure the remodel goes smoothly when you're...

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