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Topic: Kitchen Remodels

How to Build Your Kitchen Island Into a Dining Room Table

Over the past few decades, kitchens and floorplans have been opening up. Once, there was a time when the family room, parlor, dining room, and...

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All About High-End Concrete Countertops

Designing a modern kitchen is a chance to get inspired. There are so many materials, styles, and finishes to choose from, whether you are building a...

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How Much Does a Small Kitchen Remodel Cost?

Kitchens are the heart of our home. But as time passes, we find that our needs and tastes change, which often leaves us dreaming of a kitchen that...

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5 Tips to Plan an Affordable Kitchen Remodel

Planning a kitchen remodel, you've probably heard cost estimations on both ends of the spectrum. On one hand, it is possible to go all-out on a...

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Embracing Change: 11 Ways to Phase Out a White Kitchen

For years, the white kitchen has reigned supreme in the world of interior design. Its clean, timeless appearance has been a favorite among...

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7 Things in Your Kitchen That May Concern Potential Home Buyers

The condition of your kitchen is likely to be one of the first things potential buyers notice when touring your home, which means that making sure it...

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7 Things To Keep Out Of Your Kitchen, According To Designers.

Your kitchen is the center of family life. It is where you prepare meals, hold impromptu family meetings, and get creative with whatever's in the...

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6 Reasons Kitchen Remodels Go Over Budget

Planning a kitchen remodel, one of the most common warnings you will hear is to avoid going over-budget. Home remodels sometimes have a way of...

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How to Clean Your Granite Countertops

Granite countertops are a beautiful addition to any kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room. We choose them not only for their elegant grains and cool...

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Read This Before Installing a DIY Kitchen Backsplash

If you are having problems with the wall behind your sink getting wet or frequently getting food splatters on the wall behind your stove, a backsplash

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