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Picking the Perfect Time for a Kitchen Remodel

time for a kitchen remodel

You've been dreaming of a total kitchen overhaul for years. The layout feels cramped, the cabinets are faded and dingy, and the appliances are straight out of the 90s. You're ready to rip it all out and give yourself the gorgeous, spacious, modern kitchen of your dreams. But before you start knocking down walls, you've got some planning to do. A kitchen remodel is a huge project that will likely take weeks or months to complete.

You'll want to pick the perfect time to start so your daily life isn't too disrupted. In this article, we'll go over all the factors to consider when deciding on the ideal timing for your kitchen remodel.

Factors to Consider When Scheduling a Kitchen Remodel


The time of year you start a kitchen remodel can impact the overall process. Summer is often ideal since the kids are out of school and the weather is nice for any outdoor work. However, contractors may charge higher rates during peak season. Fall or spring can save you money and still allow outdoor work. Avoid the holidays though, as contractors are usually busier and material orders can take longer.


The scope and complexity of your remodel will determine how long it takes. A minor facelift with new countertops and paint may only take a week or two, while a full gut renovation can span 3 months. Talk to your contractor about a realistic timeline so you can prepare for any inconveniences. Consider doing demolition and structural work first before finalizing cabinetry or flooring choices.


When calculating your budget, factor in the cost of alternative cooking arrangements if your kitchen will be out of commission. You’ll also want money set aside for cost overruns, surprise issues uncovered during demolition, additional permits required, or splurges you can’t resist! Meet with your contractor to review quotes before signing a contract to ensure there are no surprise expenses.

Living Arrangements

Unless you have a second kitchen, your household will need a temporary food prep area and place to eat meals during the remodel. Factor in costs for dining out, getting a mini fridge, hot plate, and cleanup station. You may even stay at a hotel or rental if the dust and noise will be too disruptive. Plan ahead by preparing and freezing meals, using disposable plates and utensils, and designating certain rooms as off-limits to contractors.

With some forethought about the timing, duration, budget, and how you'll manage during the process, your kitchen remodel can go smoothly and be finished before you know it. The key is starting with realistic expectations about what's involved so you can enjoy the journey and your new space!

The Best Times of Year for a Kitchen Remodel Project

The winter months are ideal for tackling a kitchen remodel. With the holidays over and summer still a ways off, you'll have more free time to focus on your project. The cooler weather also means contractors and suppliers are less busy, so you may be able to get better deals and quicker turnaround times.

Plan in January or February

Use the first couple months of the year to create a budget, choose materials, and find contractors. By planning during the off-season, you'll avoid waiting lists and be ready to start work as soon as the weather warms up.

Start Remodeling in March or April

Once spring hits, it's a great time to begin demolition and construction. The weather is getting nicer but not too hot yet, so working conditions will still be comfortable for contractors. And with summer approaching, your new kitchen will be ready just in time for entertaining.

Finish Up in May or June

Aim to have your kitchen remodel completed by early summer so you can enjoy it all season long. Host a housewarming party to show off your new space! After the chaos of construction, you'll appreciate having a fully functioning kitchen again.

While a kitchen remodel is a big undertaking any time of year, planning it during the spring off-season means fewer headaches and more enjoyment of the final results. With the warmer months ahead, you'll be whipping up summery meals and cocktails in your new dream kitchen in no time.

Planning Your Kitchen Remodel Timeline

The first step to any successful kitchen remodel is planning the timeline. This will ensure your project stays on schedule and budget. As a general rule of thumb, a medium-sized kitchen remodel usually takes 6-8 weeks from start to finish. However, the actual construction phase typically only lasts 3 to 4 weeks. The remaining time is for finalizing plans, permits, and inspections.

Before you start demolition, spend time designing your new kitchen layout. Meet with kitchen designers or contractors to review options and costs for cabinets, countertops, appliances, and fixtures. They can help turn your dreams into a realistic plan. Once plans are finalized, it’s time to apply for permits. This process can take up to 4 weeks, so start early.

Demolition day marks the start of construction. This typically takes 3 to 5 days and includes removing cabinets, countertops, flooring, and any walls being taken out. Installation of new cabinets and countertops usually takes another week or more. From there, laying new flooring, painting, installing lighting fixtures, and final details wrap up construction in the final week.

In the last week of your timeline, schedule final inspections to ensure all work meets building code requirements in your area. Once approved, you’re ready to start enjoying your new kitchen! However, some disruptions may continue for a few weeks as you put away tools, clean up the construction mess, and break in your new appliances and fixtures.

Planning and patience are key to keeping your kitchen remodel on schedule. While it can be inconvenient, focus on the end result—a kitchen that meets your needs and complements your home. With some proactive planning, your kitchen remodel will be complete before you know it. Then, the real fun can begin with home-cooked meals and entertaining in your beautiful new space!


In the end, the timing for your kitchen remodel comes down to your specific situation. If you're flexible, the winter months could score you some discounts from contractors. Spring and summer let you enjoy nice weather if your remodel involves outdoor access. Any time schools are out, it gives you a kitchen-free zone for the kiddos. But a remodel disrupts daily life no matter when you do it.

So, think through when would be least chaotic for your household. Create a plan to eat out or use temporary kitchen setups. And be prepared for some upheaval—it'll all be worth it when you're cooking in your gorgeous new space! With some strategic planning, you can make any time of year work to get the kitchen of your dreams finally.

Contact us for help with your kitchen remodel and design and we will help you plan the perfect time for your remodel.


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