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Topic: General

Eating Healthy During a Schedule-Packed Autumn: Part 1

Autumn is a busy time for anyone. The kids are back in school and businesses are picking up the pace for the holiday season. 

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7 Uncommon Subway Tile Patterns that Catch the Eye

Subway tiles are one of the most practical and attractive ways to tile your kitchen or bathroom. 

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How to Replace Your Refrigerator and Freezer Door Handles

Refrigerator handles see a lot of use. Those refrigerator handles are constantly being tugged or leaned on. In a house with children, they might...

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Seven Designer Tricks & Tips for Window Treatments

Window treatments are the cherry on top of beautiful interior design. When you've built the perfect space and added your favorite furniture, the...

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How to Use the Self-Cleaning Oven Feature

Baking is a wonderful way to enjoy your kitchen, but ovens are hard to clean. This is something we all know, often from experience.

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4 Renovation Ideas for Reclaimed and Remnant Materials

One of the hottest trends in modern building is sustainable design. Builders, designers, and homeowners are all innovating new ways to use and...

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How to Create Pleasant Twilight at Home With Custom Lighting - Part 1

Not everyone wants the same thing from home lighting. Each home is uniquely lit based on the needs and preferences of the family in residence - or...

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Porcelain Tile versus Ceramic Tile – Which one is Right For You?

Sometimes when talking about tile for the kitchen or bathroom, you may think that ceramic and porcelain tile are the same. 

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Why Your Bathroom Needs More Light Fixtures

Most residential bathrooms are lit by the vanity lights alone. Often, this is a row of brilliantly bright bulbs designed to help you face the...

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