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Topic: General

7 Unique Vase Ideas From Rustic to Classic

Vases are a wonderful way to bring fresh and faux blooms into your home. In fact, the most beautiful floral decorations are almost never done with...

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Composting at Home: Getting Started and What to Use it For - Pt 1

Composting is the ultimate way to avoid food waste. You can reduce your waste with efficient recipes and bone broth soups, but there will always be...

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How to Reinvent Your Kitchen Cabinets with Molding and Trim

Dreaming of a cabinet redesign? You're not alone. Thousands of homeowners are unsatisfied with their cabinet design. 

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6 Tips on How to Refresh a Kitchen for Spring

As winter comes to an end and spring begins, giving your home a little spring fresh can be a good idea to welcome the warmer season. 

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12 Unique Container Ideas for Garden Planting

Filling your garden is about more than the flower beds and blossoming bushes. You can make any patio explode with greenery and brightly colored...

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7 Clever Tips for Keeping Your Freshly Renovated Home Looking New

A new home or a freshly renovated home is a wonderful experience of fresh smells, pristine surfaces, and first-time records. 

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5 Most Important Interior Design Principles

Interior design is manipulating the spatial volume through surface treatment to shape the experience of interior space.

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How To Quickly Organize Bathroom Drawers

One room in your home that you use daily, is your bathroom. This is a room where you generally get ready for the day and store a lot of items. 

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How to Set a Beautiful Spring Table

Spring is an important transition marked by changes in the length of day and night. For other people, spring is a religious moment where they hold...

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