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Topic: General

7 Things to Know Before Installing Heated Floors

Imagine getting out of bed on a chilly winter morning, and instead of being shocked by cold tile, your feet are actually warmed by the floor beneath...

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How to Build Your Kitchen Island Into a Dining Room Table

Over the past few decades, kitchens and floorplans have been opening up. Once, there was a time when the family room, parlor, dining room, and...

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How to Fix a Gas Stove That Won’t Light

Finding out your stove is not working when you are trying to start dinner can be frustrating. Fortunately, many problems getting gas stoves to light...

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Read This Before You Put in a Pantry!

Building yourself a pantry is a gift that keeps on giving. Many homes don't have adequate pantry space, but you can make a little room in the...

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DIY Remodelers Regret - Why Most Will Hire Professionals the Next Time

If you have regrets over a DIY remodel, you are not alone. NBC found that out of 2,000 Americans who took on DIY home improvement projects, 63%...

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How to Organize a Pantry

The pantry might be the greatest kitchen addition of all time, but it can be a nightmare if you don't know how to organize a pantry. Having a place...

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Appliance Extended Warranty Worth It? With a Nod to Home Warranties

You've just purchased a shiny new appliance, and the salesperson is now offering you an extended warranty. The question on your mind: Is it worth it?

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Here's How Much It Costs To Update Your Countertops.

With food being so integral to our lives, it's no wonder the kitchen is often hailed as the heart of the home. One of the biggest elements of a...

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7 Things in Your Kitchen That May Concern Potential Home Buyers

The condition of your kitchen is likely to be one of the first things potential buyers notice when touring your home, which means that making sure it...

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Why the Placement of Your Cabinetry Knobs and Pulls Matters.

At a glance, most kitchens have the same cabinet knob placement designs. They are small, within reach, and generally make your kitchen easy to use....

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