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Topic: General

How to Upgrade Your Home's Lighting with Positive ROI - Pt 1

Upgrading your home to enjoy or to sell, the price tag matters. Beautiful renovations and fixture upgrades can increase the value of your home -now...

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What is Your Interior Design Style?

Remodeling your kitchen, bathroom, and other living spaces has many insightful benefits. These include increased home value, better organization, and...

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How to Inspire Your Home Remodel Project with Inflation Limitations

Homeowners currently planning a remodeling project have likely noticed the recent impacts of inflation on the market. Material costs are up,...

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How Electrical Upgrades Can Transform a Kitchen

What is the one thing that stands out about an outdated kitchen? If the tile and paint are elegantly neutral and the plumbing works well, what you...

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Remodeling Ideas that Protect the Quality of Your New Home

If you have recently purchased a house, you know what the market is like out there. Your home is a valuable investment, one that deserves to be...

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Basement Renovations: From Spooky to Spectacular

Basements are incredibly useful and spacious additions to any home design. If you have a basement, that space likely has a lot of potential.

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How to Remodel a Home that is Not Your Forever Home

Many people buy their first house without plans to make it a forever home. This is the purpose of a starter home and, even for a second or third...

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New Homeowner?: How to Protect Your Investment with a Quality Remodel

You've purchased a home and now you want to know how to protect your investment with a quality remodel. Your home is very likely the most expensive...

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Embracing a Popcorn-Free Kitchen Ceiling: What Comes Next?

In the 1980s when many homes were built, popcorn ceilings are at the height of popularity. This spray-on texture provides acoustic dampening and...

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What Does Inflation Mean For My Remodel Project

Remodeling projects can take years to come to fruition, and when you spend that much time and money on something, you want it to be perfect.

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