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How to Fix a Gas Stove That Won’t Light

gas stove that won't light

Finding out your stove is not working when you are trying to start dinner can be frustrating. Fortunately, many problems getting gas stoves to light are relatively easy to solve. Here are some of the most common reasons your gas stove may not be lighting, as well as helpful solutions for fixing a gas stove that won't light!

Determine Exactly What Is Not Working

Gas stoves that do not light correctly are often only partially not working, which means that identifying the exact source of your problem is an important step in determining what is causing it and finding a solution.

Your gas stove may spark correctly but not produce any gas or have gas available but not spark as it should, and these scenarios often point to different issues and fixes

Common Reasons Your Gas Stove May Not Light 

Locating the source of your spark or gas issue is an important step in determining how to fix it. Clogged or moist igniters and loose connections are among the most common causes of problems getting your gas stove to light. 

Clogged Igniter 

Bits of food, dust and other debris can build up inside your stove over time, even if you are diligent about cleaning it regularly. This debris can eventually clog its igniter enough to stop it from sparking properly when you attempt to turn it on.

Moist Igniter 

Your igniter may also be too wet to spark properly. While moist igniters are generally not as common as clogged ones, this may be a likely source of your problem if you have recently cleaned your stove. 

Loose Connection 

Loose connections between various parts of your stove can also disrupt the flow from your gas source to your burners. This is generally a good thing because it helps to prevent fires inside your stove, but you will need to locate the connection issue and tighten it to get your stove to light properly. 

Possible Solutions for Fixing Your Gas Stove 

Once you determine what is causing your gas stove not to light, you can usually apply a quick fix to get it working properly again. Solving a problem with your gas stove is often as simple as cleaning and drying it or tightening a loose part, although you may need to have a professional look at it if you cannot identify the problem, are unable to reach it, or your stove still will not light after trying these steps. 

Clean and Dry Your Igniter

A clogged igniter is by far the most common source of problems getting gas stoves to light, which means that cleaning it with a wire brush should be your first step in attempting to fix your stove, especially if you can tell that your gas is working properly. If this does not work, you can try using a hair dryer to remove any moisture from your igniter.

Be sure to unplug your stove before attempting to remove your burner caps and clean your igniter. Some severely clogged or very wet igniters may not be able to be cleaned adequately and will need to be replaced, although this usually happens over time and you will likely notice that it is not working properly before your igniter becomes unfixable. 

Solve Connection Problems 

Fixing connection problems is often as simple as finding which parts are not fitting together properly and tightening or otherwise adjusting them, which is often easiest to do by tightening all your screws instead of trying to determine which one is causing the problem.  

Be sure to unplug the stove before searching for a connection problem to prevent injury, and avoid overtightening them to prevent causing further damage that may require your screws or other parts to be replaced. 

At Edesia Kitchen & Bath Studio, we are here to help you get the most out of your gas stove and the rest of your kitchen. If something is not working properly or your cooking and dining space is in need of a refresh, we can help you find solutions to nearly any issue you may have with the appearance or functionality of your kitchen or bathroom.

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