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Eight Steps for a Smooth Remodel

 Steps for a Smooth Remodel

There's nothing more fun than picking out fun materials, colors, and furniture for your home's remodel. As exciting as that is, homeowners tend to have tunnel vision, only focusing on the final product. The in-between phase often has unexpected hurdles that can make remodeling more difficult, expensive, or time-consuming. Hiring an experienced designer and contractor to guide you through this process will allow the project to run more efficiently.

To ensure you are even more prepared, Edesia Kitchen & Bath Studio also recommends these eight steps for a smooth remodel.

Clear Your Clutter

Whether the remodel is in the hallway or the entire home, make sure to pack up all your clutter. This is the first step towards preparing your home and while it may seem obvious, it's not uncommon to accidentally get paint on an expensive rug that was left out in the open. If you are remodeling in areas such as the living room or bedroom, you may want to consider renting a storage unit or on-site storage pod. 

Have a Set Budget and Clear Scope

A detailed plan of how you want your space to look is essential when it comes to your remodel. Pull photos from the internet for inspiration, consult with your designer on color schemes, and make sure to consider even the smallest of details--like doorknobs. Have your budget written down and how much you will allocate towards each project or item. Lastly, the quicker you can finalize everything, the better. This will help you get a head start on ordering supplies which unfortunately are often on backorder.

Create a Calendar

Calendars offer a visual for overseeing timelines and when certain projects are anticipated to start or finish. They also help you keep track of outside plans with work or family and how they align with remodeling. For longer remodels you'll want to keep track of deliveries of various materials. As we all know, manufacturers can take longer than anticipated to come up with a supply, further delaying any projects. A calendar will help you stay on top of any mishaps.

Source a Great Team

Hiring an experienced designer and contractor for your home renovation or remodel will take a lot of weight off your shoulders. They will be familiar with details big and small, know how to put out fires, and of course, understand what makes a living space aesthetically pleasing. If you decide to DIY your home remodel, it's still a good idea to assemble a team of people to help it run smoothly. For example, you will need someone to watch after your pets, manage schedules, and plan other daily routines, like eating, accordingly.

Know What to DIY and What to Not

The internet has made it possible for anyone to DIY pretty much anything. While this is fantastic for easy projects that offer a quick way to save money, more permanent and expensive projects may require the expertise of a professional. Even a fraction of an inch can cost a project big time, so even consulting with a professional beforehand will be beneficial.

Designate a "Work Free" Zone

Remodels are essentially an upheaval of your living space and/or spaces. Where will you eat if your kitchen is getting remodeled? Where will you sleep if it's your bedroom? Designate a "work free" zone in your house to avoid the various smells, dust, and disarray that comes along with remodeling. You will also want to have these areas prepped with items like a temporary fridge, utensils, and dishware. This may even entail renting an Airbnb, hotel, or staying with a family member in the meantime.

Be Open to Change

Although the remodeling market is over a 510 billion dollar industry, there are delays in production time. Perhaps you have had your eye set on specific materials or furniture for some time now, but the delivery time is taking way too long. Be sure to have a backup plan or consult with a designer on the next best replacement. Change doesn't have to be frustrating, in fact, you may love the new look better.

Take a Breather

Remodels can be overwhelming, so allow yourself to sit back and enjoy the ride. Relaxing will not only help you stay focused but also mindful of details and solutions. Regular check-ins with the designers, contractors, and your significant other are also recommended so that you can communicate and ensure things keep running smoothly. 

Remodeling should be an experience--and a fun one at that. But, let's face it, things can get overwhelming fast. For a more seamless approach to remodeling, schedule an in-home consultation with Edesia Kitchen & Bath Studio today.

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