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Renovation vs. Remodel: What's the Difference?

Renovation vs. Remodel

Designing a new kitchen or bathroom is an exciting way to work toward creating the home of your dreams, but deciding exactly what you want to do with your space is not always easy. Renovating and remodeling are similar concepts, but being sure of which option you are interested in planning is a crucial step in making sure your refreshed space is exactly what you have in mind.

Here are some of the most important things to know about the difference between renovating and remodeling, as well as how to determine which option is the best fit for you!

Renovation vs. Remodel: What's the Difference?

Renovating and remodeling are two similar options for turning a space that already exists into something you like better, but these processes generally have opposite end goals. This means that deciding how you ultimately want your kitchen or bathroom to look when your home improvement project is finished is a key step in determining whether renovating or remodeling is the best fit for you.

While these terms are used interchangeably at times, particularly by those who are early in the planning stages of their first major kitchen or bathroom project, this is not technically correct.

Renovating refers to updating a space to either restore its original appearance as much as possible or make it slightly more modern without making any major changes, while remodeling describes a more complex approach to drastically changing the structure and appearance of your kitchen or bathroom. Determining which of these options most closely aligns with your vision is an important first step in creating the best new version of your space for you.       


What Does Remodeling Look Like?                                                       

Remodeling more closely aligns with what most people have in mind when it comes to refreshing their space.

This option involves removing various parts of your kitchen, such as your cabinets, sink, or backsplash, and replacing them with new ones. Some major remodeling projects may also involve changing the structure of your kitchen, such as removing walls to create an open-concept space that flows into your dining or living room or adding a bay window that extends outward from your wall to increase the square footage of your kitchen and create a more detailed aesthetic.

Changing the overall appearance of your kitchen or bathroom is generally the goal of remodeling, and some major remodeling projects are significant enough to make your new kitchen or bathroom look like a completely different room from what you started with. 


What Does Renovation Look Like? 

Renovation focuses more on making your current space look better without making any major changes to its structure or original appearance.

This type of project aims to restore an older kitchen or bathroom that has deteriorated over the years by making it look as much like it did when it was built as possible. Refreshes that make your kitchen or bathroom look like a nicer version of itself, such as adding a coat of paint, resurfacing wood floors, and refinishing cabinets, are some of the most common basic renovation projects that do not involve adding anything beyond a layer of a product.

Some minor essential replacements that do not significantly change the appearance of your space, such as upgrading your plumbing system or adding a simple trim, can also be considered renovation. 

At Edesia Kitchen & Bath Studio, we are here to help you determine whether renovating or remodeling is the right choice for giving your kitchen or bathroom a fresh new look. We can work with you to help you identify your goals for your space before starting the planning process for any project, especially making sure we are on the same page as far as whether you are looking to create a nicer-looking version of your current kitchen or bathroom or design something completely different.

While some of our processes may look similar no matter which route you prefer, much of our planning will focus on your main end goal. Contact us today to discuss your options with one of our experts or to start the process of planning your kitchen or bathroom renovation or remodel!

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