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5 Luxurious Things You Should Be Able to Do from the Bath

Taking a bath is a luxurious experience that everyone should be able to enjoy.  You should be able to stretch out in your tub or throw an arm over...

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Seven Designer Tricks & Tips for Window Treatments

Window treatments are the cherry on top of beautiful interior design. When you've built the perfect space and added your favorite furniture, the...

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How to Use the Self-Cleaning Oven Feature

Baking is a wonderful way to enjoy your kitchen, but ovens are hard to clean. This is something we all know, often from experience.

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The Effect of Color on Your Kitchen

When it comes to selecting a kitchen color, you need to go all out because the effect of color on your kitchen is significant. 

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Effect of Color on Your Kitchen: Here's What You Need to Know

Imagine for a moment if black and white were the only colors that the heavens bequeathed us. Wouldn't the world be outright boring and dull? 

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4 Renovation Ideas for Reclaimed and Remnant Materials

One of the hottest trends in modern building is sustainable design. Builders, designers, and homeowners are all innovating new ways to use and...

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The Art of Replacing Your Countertop without Replacing the Cabinets

Yes!  One of the questions we get most frequently relates to new countertops and all-new cabinetry. 

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Nine Innovative Shower Remodel Ideas for 2021

Showers are the hottest element in bathroom remodels today. As bathrooms become escapes, an oasis of self-care and relaxation away from a busy...

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How to Design Bold Backsplashes in Your Kitchen

Backsplashes are a unique opportunity in the kitchen for a little artistic design. While each surface and color in your kitchen contributes to the...

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Tips To Consider Before a Bathroom Remodel

You probably moved into a new apartment and the bathroom is worn out. Or you have used your bathroom for long, and over the years, it has lost its...

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