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Ventilation Hoods Kitchen - Downdraft Venting

Posted by Dianne Aucello on Mon, Jun 11, 2012 @ 12:42 PM

Edesia Kitchen & Bath Studio is located north of Boston MA.  As an interior designer, we excel in our designs for kitchens & baths.  We provide the cabinetry, countertops, hardware and tile.


This recent kitchen remodel included downdraft venting for their penninusla cooktop.  A downdraft is comprised of ductwork and a motor to draw smoke, vapors and odors away from the cooking surface.  A downdraft vent is used when the plan has limited wall space for all the appliances. There are 2 types: cooktop models that contain the fan with in the cooktop, made famous by Jenn Air and models that contain telescoping fans from behind the countertop. When not in use, this ventilation system is not in view.

kitchen downdraft hoodsGreat Northern Cabinetry, Verona full overlay door style, with Delicatus granite.



With either option, cabinet storage space is greatly reduced.  While there is room for pots and pans on the floor of the cabinet, drawers or rollouts would be greatly reduced.

kitchen downdraft hoodsInterior of cootop cabinet.


In the past, this venting has not been effective, but there are better models being manufactured.  This model has the fan unit rising 13 inches to capture more than before.
The cost for this unit is $1250, plus the ductwork and labor.

For the installation, duct work is centered below the cook top, and needs to run between the basement structural beams.  The more bends in the ductwork, the less efficient it is, so be sure to get the ductwork to run a staright shot to an outside wall.  There are some models that allows for different positions of the ductwork openings from the motor, allowing for more options for ductwork runs. Very little maintenance is required, just wipe clean after use.


kitchen downdraft hoods

Careful consideration is needed for this unit to clear an island top overhang.  This granite backsplash was reduced to 3/4" thick, opposed to the standard 1 1/4" thickness.



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