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Backsplash Options for Kitchens

Posted by Dianne Aucello on Sun, Dec 09, 2012 @ 09:32 PM

Back splash is the wall space between the wall cabinets and countertop.  This area needs to be protected from the splatter and heat of a cooktop, the splashes of water from a sink in addition to being decorative.  Options include a full surface material of backsplash, or a 4" strip of countertop material with a painted surface or tile above.


kitchen backsplash

Adding a 4" strip of stone, with a painted wall surface is the simplest of backsplash designs.


The backsplash is one place where imagination meets functionally. It serves two purposes – to provide an easy cleanup area behind a sink, countertop or stove and to add something to the overall decor. There are no rules when it comes to designing that section of wall other than it should wipe clean and not stain. For a new kitchen, it is the finishing touch, so save some design strength and budget.  When breathing life into a tired kitchen, you will want a backsplash that wows. It can highlight feature elements in the room like stylish granite countertops, for example, or it can be a focal point that draws the eye.


Make the Wall Shimmer

The nice thing about planning a backsplash is the versatility of materials available. For something that adds an industrial edge to the room, consider covering the section with small, stainless steel tiles. The effect is crisp and clean with a luminescent shimmer. The stainless steel mosaic approach can pull attention away from a less than perfect countertop or older stove. The tiles are eco-friendly and wipe clean with ease.  Electrical outlets can be mounted to the underside of the wall cabinets.


kitchen backsplash

This contemporary kitchen has a full sheet of stainless for its backsplash.  Along with the quartz countertops, there is minimal maintenance to this kitchen!


Create an Illusion of Space

For kitchens that are on the small side, use the backsplash to create the illusion of depth. Dark tint, texture and shine all come together to make the room seem bigger. This effect works well on brick walls, as seen in lofts and rehabbed mill buildings. 



kitchen backsplash

This glass and stone backsplash was installed horizontally, along with the handles.


Break the Room Up with Color

White or light colors will make a kitchen feel clean, but they are also bland. Use the backsplash space to add a smudge of bright hue to enhance the decor. Cover the area with glass tiles in a color that contrasts with the rest of the room. For instances, if the appliances are stainless steel and the cabinets are white, a touch of cool sage green will help break up the pallor to create a color palette that excites.  Try to coordinate the color of the electrical device, switches and plates with the backsplash.


Artistic Elegance

The backsplash might be an artistic statement that adds visual stimulation to the kitchen. It is the combination of texture, shine and color that make that section of wall unique. The design should include a border with a contracting center that pulls the focus. You can cover the outer section, or the entire wall on that side of the room, with glossy ceramic or glass tile. Build a centerpiece directly behind the sink or stove made with embossed material to define the backsplash. The color selection for each area should compliment or contrast the other elements in the kitchen.


For a clean look, remove the window sill and apron.  A piece of countertop material makes for a more durable sill, and the backsplash material can run straight under it.


kitchen backsplashThis back splash border is made of laser cut marble from Italy, with a stone running bond splash with a bordered rhomboid shaped focal point.


Match the Countertops

Uniformity helps a kitchen that has that washed out appearance. The mix of light cabinetry and appliances can leave a kitchen looking sickly. That answer is the brighten things up with an alluring pattern. Matching the countertops with the splash area creates a thread that connects all the elements of the room together. An elegant marble pattern binds all the different areas to eliminate that washed out look light colors can give a space. Add distinctive hardware and clever lighting and you have a kitchen that will be the envy of everyone who sees it.


The truth is the right backsplash can make the room. It takes little effort to create an innovative design that will set your kitchen apart. When considering renovation, start there and build around the choices you make for that designer piece of wall.

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