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Linoleum vs Vinyl Flooring & Photos

Posted by Dianne Aucello on Mon, Nov 19, 2012 @ 09:22 AM

We are currently working on 2 projects with resilient kitchen flooring, such as vinyl vs linoleum flooring, products we haven't heard much from in some time.  Their contractors' had recommended this type of flooing and against porcelain or ceramic tile due to the bounce in the floor.  Let's look at these easy care resilient floor options that are gaining in sales.


Vinyl flooring is a synthetic product made of chlorinated petrochemicals and fiberglass.  It is available as sheets or tiles. The color is printed on the top surface, and it can burn.


linoleum vs vinyl flooring Armstrong's vinyl plank flooring in walnut.



Linoleum is made from 95% natural materials like linseed oil, flax seed, cork, wood and limestone.  Made from rapidly renewable materials, and its sustainable.  Most are also naturally antibacterial, biodegradable and fire retardant.  Linoleum is available as tiles or 2 meter wide sheet goods with a wide range of colors and patterns are available. The color is permeated all the way through this product.


linoleum vs vinyl flooing Lineoleum tiles were chosen for this project.  The pattern was installed after the cabinetry, to match the cabinet outline perfectly.


With either product, sheet goods especially, should be factory installed.  It can be unwiedly job for a homeowner to take on.  There may be seams with the sheet goods, and those need to be installed tight and with a perfect pattern match.  Even with the cost of installation, linoleum or vinyl  can cost significantly less money than the other flooring options.  Both products are availalbe with a stain protection coating and a cushion core for underfoot comfort.


Here are the main differences:

Lineolum is tough, it requires no initial wax or polish.  But unlike vinyl, more maintenance is needed. After some time, the protective coating will wear away and the floor will need waxing maintance.  Regular care is just with a damp mop, and mild soap when necessary.  Linoleum can last 30 years, vinyl will not.

When deciding on your flooring, "Please know that no flooring material that is perfect.  It's scratch resistant, not scratch proof", states Scott Buonopane of B & D Flooring in Burlington MA.


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