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Future Trends in Bathroom Furnishings

Posted by Dianne Aucello on Tue, May 31, 2016 @ 10:18 PM

Household bathrooms have undergone a transformation from practical necessity to a spa, the haven for your personal care.  They have been revolutionized to integrate functionality and form, practicality and aesthetics.  Plus, more than a little personality.

In my last blog "Coming Soon to a Kitchen Near You", I wrote about my recent trip to Milan to attend the amazing Salone Internazionale del Mobile, the largest international furnishings expo in Europe, hosting more than 370,000 visitors on over 37 acres of exhibition space.

The Salone's design trends tend to find their way to the U.S. within a few years, which gives me a chance to provide a preview of what's on the horizon.  Now that we've got a look at kitchen furnishings, here I will show you the trends I spotted at the Salone's International Bathroom Exhibition, which covered nearly 5 acres.  Let's start with the more 'traditional', or should I say, familiar...

black retro vanityContemporary Retro

As we saw with the kitchen trends, the color black is making a comeback, and paired with white and the chrome cross levered faucets, it is has an updated retro look.  The over sized black and white checkered tile floor makes its way back with a lively punch.  The double sink vanity has rounded corners and adds to the contemporary feel of the rest of the furnishings.  Here in the U.S., a double bowl vanity is wider; we like our personal space!



elegant bath vanity

Brass and White

Brass is making a come back in bathrooms, as well as kitchens, as shown here with the sconces, faucets, and handles.  The gilding work and framing around the mirrors creates a more formal look for this double bowl vanity. The drawer below the sink have pullouts for storage.  We typically use under mount sinks, but these rims are very slim.


classy double bowl vanity

This double bowl vanity has sleek doors and is on simplier legs. The back lit LED mirrors provide soft even lighting on your face. The marble counter top is also used as a back splash up the full wall.  There is more floor tile that has the look of wood.




contemporary marble bath vanityMinimalist Styling

The next few bath slides will show minimalist styling; floating sinks, trough sinks, the less is more concept.

Trends in sleek, minimalist styling include this solid marble trough-style sink and floating shelf.  The interior slopes for a drain.  The piece you see on top with the bath items can be slid from side to side, to place it where needed.  The section of blue wall above the sink provides that pop of color, and blue is becoming the most requested color.

Wall mounted faucets are everywhere!  It was fun to see all of the imaginative fixture designs, shown in various finishes.

Textured walls are another new trend: using the floor tile, counter top or vanity material, and having it flow right up the wall introduces a new color and texture.  It's cohesive with the rest of the room but at the same time breaks the wall space into multiple individual surfaces.




Another floating shelf style sink, that captures the faucets.  The floating shelf below becomes the ledge for the tub, to hold your book or iphone. Today's tubs can be fitted with jets, body massagers and radiant heat.  Textured laminate covers the tub and accent wall.



contemporary shower and tub

Another view of the same bath - curbless showers where everywhere and for good reason.  Add this to your design and give yourself something less to trip over!  The large glass panel for the shower divider keeps the room open.  Contemporary rain head shower and hand held spray was used in the large tiled shower.



Another sleek, modern design features monument styled sinks, like this deep elliptical pedestal sink nestled into the quartz counter top.  The faucet is that long pipe hanging down from the ceiling!  Its operated by a wall mounted control.  The sink's open side shelving features a lively lime green pop of color.  Glowing LED back lighting highlights the unframed mirror and the contrast of the dark gray wall.  The floor features a tile that looks like wood, popular in this year's bathroom expo designs.



contemporary vanity

Can you say clean? Another monument styled vanity, with the storage tucked in on the sides, instead of bulky doors, drawers and handles.  Made of textured laminate, its angle works well with ergonomics.  The smooth white sink tops are made of a thin 3/4" thick marble with wall mounted faucets and frameless mirrors to complete the clean look.



rain head shower

I just had to get a photo of this enormous, fun, rain head shower fixture.  The lights even change color!  Wouldn't singing in a hot shower under this rain head be the perfect ending to a long day?


I hope you enjoyed our peek at the future bathroom trends.  If you have been inspired to transform your bathroom into your own personal haven, please give us a call!

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