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10 Must-Have Features for Custom Kitchen Cabinets - Pt 2

Features for Custom Kitchen Cabinets

[Continued from Part 1]


6. Smart Home Nooks and Channels

You want surround sound in your kitchen and a smart speaker that answers your smart-home voice commands. You want your speakers and smart-home components to have power, access, and to be placed strategically through your kitchen design.

Believe it or not, this starts with cabinetry. With your remodel design, you have the opportunity to build smart features directly into your cabinet design.

Include small ledges and compartments for smart speakers and devices. Include channels for cables and power cords. You'll be rocking out while you bake up a storm in no time.


7. Prep Sink / Bar Sink

Everyone knows that a deep two-compartment sink is a must for any home chef. But even better is the addition of a prep-sink. A prep sink or a bar sink is a small extra sink a few steps away from the primary kitchen sink.

The prep sink allows a second person to peel vegetables, wash their hands, or get a glass of water without interfering with whatever's going on in the main sink.

Many elite kitchen designers include a small hot-water spigot in the prep sink for quick not cocoa, tea, and coffee prep as a special bonus-rewarding function.


8. Built-In Appliances

Your cabinetry also has the ability to make your appliances even more convenient. A stove built into the cabinetry transitions perfectly from stovetop to the countertop.

A refrigerator built into cabinetry can include surfaces that make grocery day and ingredient selection much easier, plus efficient use of the space above. And we're all familiar with the convenience of a built-in dishwasher.

The fact is that any of your favorite kitchen appliances can be built into the custom cabinetry.

You can make a special cabinet for your coffee maker, a low countertop for your crockpot, or even a fold-out shelf for your stand-up mixer. Built-in appliances are a wonderful part of building the perfect custom kitchen.


9. Warming Drawer

One of the best things you can do with built-in appliances is a warming drawer. This is a special cabinetry drawer installed above or below a built-in oven. In this drawer, food that has been prepared can be kept warm and off the counters by benefitting from proximity to the oven.

A warming drawer can keep sides warm while the entree finishes or keep one person's plate warm if they're late for supper. You can raise dough and soften butter. With practice, the warming drawer will become a key part of your kitchen strategy.


10. Hidden Outlets

Last but not least, custom cabinetry is a chance to do a little custom kitchen wiring. Not just channels for your smart home cables, but also more outlets for your cutting-edge kitchen.

If you have a ton of appliances for various recipes or even if your kitchen island becomes the family's phone charging hub, hidden kitchen outlets are a fantastic addition to any kitchen remodel design.


If you're planning a kitchen remodeling project, you know how important custom cabinetry can be to a complete redesign. 

Here at Edesia Kitchen & Bath Studio, we understand how important it is to make the right decisions about your next home remodel.

The perfect cabinetry design will make your kitchen flow like water and improve your resale value in the future, but you don't have to know the perfect design right away. 

Research features you like, list out what would make your kitchen ideal, and consult with contractors on the practicality and price of each project.

Surprisingly, some of the best upgrades are incredibly small and affordable, especially compared to big-ticket items like granite countertops that only serve a limited useful purpose.

For more great insights into home remodeling and a team to make your vision into reality, contact us today!

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