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10 Pantry Design and Organization Ideas For Better Storage Spaces

pantry design

Most household pantries consist of deep shelves in a shadowy closet. But as you probably know, this isn't the best way to keep your foodstuffs organized. Deep pantry shelves are prone to clutter and force you to rummage for what you need. Fortunately, there are many different storage solutions for your kitchen pantry.

Whether you have a walk-in pantry or your pantry is mainly kitchen cabinet space, we have ten great ideas and a few helpful tips to transform your kitchen storage into a pantry paradise.


Clever Pantry Storage Ideas

The key to an organized pantry is compartmentalization. What this means is separating the many categories of goods into separate compartments like baskets, canisters, trays, and even hanging racks.

Let's dive into ten of the cleverest pantry storage ideas that have become kitchen favorites.


1) Use Baskets and Bins as Pantry Drawers

Give your pantry handy 'drawers' using baskets or clear storage bins. Baskets add the charm of natural materials to your pantry while clear plastic offers the advantage of visibility. Either way, larger containers that hold categories of pantry items make it easy to keep your packaged goods from becoming cluttered and also make it easy to pull out a 'drawer' to access what you need for each recipe.

2) Create Pantry "Zones"

Separate your pantry into zones. Designate one zone for drinks and beverages, one zone for canned goods, another for dry goods, and so on. Or sort by recipe if that makes your kitchen flow more smoothly. Each zone will help you remember exactly where things are stored and put away new groceries in the right bin every time.

3) Store Bags & Irregular Items in Baskets.

One of the biggest challenges in a modern pantry is items sold in bags and pouches. This is because bags don't stack well, and they aren't tidy on the shelf. However, they can be tidy when lined up in a basket. Think about how convenience stores sell bags of chips, all lined up in a shallow basket. This keeps bagged items tidy and easy to grab at the same time.

4) Pour Dry Goods Into Clear, Stackable Canisters

Don't keep your dry ingredients in the random boxes and bags they are bought in. Clear, stackable canisters make them easy to see, keep your pantry tidy, and also ensure that all your dry goods remain sealed, even if you don't use an entire package at once.

5) Put Small Items in Organizer Trays

Organizer trays are a great addition to all kitchen storage. From silverware to spice jars, anything small can be easily corralled into neat rows with organizer trays. You can use one tray at a time to DIY the perfect layout or use drawer organizers for prearranged multi-row layouts. And they're not just limited to drawers. Using organizer trays on the countertop and in the pantry can be just as effective.

6) Optimize Your Space with Hanging Pouch Storage

In addition to your pantry shelves, you can also use your wall space and the back of your pantry drawer. Hang hooks or, even better, pouches that make long items like water bottles or spatulas easy to stow. You can also use a pegboard so that you can rearrange your hooks for whatever works best from week to week.

7) Lazy Susan Storage for Small Cluttered Items

A Lazy Susan is a spinning tray that rotates what faces the front or back of the shelf. This simple trick can save you from rummaging, and can keep smaller items easily accessible without losing some behind the others.

8) Tiered Shelves Eliminate the Back-of-Shelf Rummage

Another handy way to get rid of rummaging is to use tiered shelves. These are risers where each stage is a little taller as they reach toward the back of the shelf, so you don't lose same-size or smaller items behind one another.

9) Add a Butler's Pantry Sink for Washing Up

If you have a walk-in pantry, you can transform it into a fancy butler's pantry with the simple addition of a sink. This will make it easy for you to do private washing up, including cleaning up any pantry spills, punctured bottles, or you can get your beans started soaking without taking up space in the kitchen. 

10) Bust Out the Label Maker to Help the Family

Lastly, you can keep your pantry organized, even with family and other cooks, with the help of a few labels. Labeling shelves and containers will make it easier for everyone else to find what they need and put things back where they belong.


Upgrade Your Pantry with Edesia

Having a well-designed pantry is a surprisingly great boost to any kitchen design. If you're looking to expand or alter your kitchen to include a beautifully organized pantry, contact us today. Edesia Kitchen & Bath Studio can help you find the perfect place for a pantry in your existing floorplan.


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