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4 Benefits of Custom Kitchen Cabinet Designs

Custom Kitchen Cabinet Design

Rebuilding your cabinets is the ultimate power move when renovating your kitchen. It's not just about replacing the old particle board, though that is always a plus. Your cabinets define the space. Without them, you can truly re-imagine how your kitchen is designed, from where you place the fridge to how much storage you have. You can give yourself more floorspace, more storage, build the countertop higher or lower, or create space for new emplaced appliances.

Custom cabinets make it possible to completely rebuild your kitchen.  Let's dive into the benefits of custom kitchen cabinet design.   


1) More Storage for Less Bulk

Storage technology has improved significantly since most kitchens today were designed, and we don't just mean high-tech. Shelf design, layered depth, open shelves, narrow shelves; it's all a possibility.

When envisioning your custom kitchen design, consider just how much storage you can create - and how much needless bulk you can get rid of. This is your chance to maximize your ability to neatly store all your pots, pans, utensils, dishes, and appliances but without the old bulky design of traditional kitchen cabinets.


2) Elegant or Striking New Look

Custom cabinet designs also give you a chance to explore a completely new look. This year, frosted glass fronts and integrally lit shelving are both hot trends that are reinventing cabinet space. But you can really go wild when fully rebuilding your cabinets. You can design rounded cabinets, spinning interior corner cabinets, cabinets that extend to the ceiling, that have unusual lattice design, have a new door style, and so much more.

You can make your kitchen more elegant with soft tones and traditional designs or striking with bold colors and a more cutting-edge approach to the shapes and spaces you create.


3) Take Control of Your Floorplan

Of course, one of the best things about cabinet customization is the ability to fully rebuild your floorplan. If you are ready to fully tear out your kitchen and build something new, the floorplan is yours to decide.

While it will be easier to leave plumbed-in features like the sink in the same place, even this is ultimately up to you. Working with kitchen design contractors, you can give yourself more space or completely change the flow and floorplan of your kitchen by having the cabinets custom rebuilt.


4) Personalization: Make It Your Own

Most would agree, however, that the best part of custom cabinet design is personalization. You can make your kitchen perfectly suited to you. You can raise or lower the countertop for your own cooking comfort. You can install the island you've always dreamed of, place the oven in the wall or under the stove, get a whisper-quiet dishwasher exactly where your hands want to reach down from the sink, or commission an absolutely perfect pantry.

Personalization makes it possible to make a new kitchen entirely yours, from the structure and design to the unique paint colors that make you the happiest in your kitchen.


Customize Your Kitchen Cabinet Design with Edesia

If you are renovating your kitchen from top to bottom, new kitchen cabinets can completely transform your space for the better. But a new kit kitchen is likely to have many of the same downsides as the kit cabinets you're about to take out. Custom cabinets, however, make it possible to truly make the kitchen your own. 

At Edesia Kitchen & Bath Studio, we are dedicated to providing excellent home customization services from the light fixtures to the floor tiles. For anyone considering a home renovation in the near future, Edesia would be proud to become your kitchen renovation team of choice. Contact us today to schedule a consultation on the cabinet rebuilt potential of your kitchen. 


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