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4 Elegant Ways to Upgrade Your Home with Frosted Glass Indoors

Frosted Glass Indoors

Houses tend to be designed with a few basic floor plans in mind.  Older homes usually have very separated rooms defined by tight hallways and doorways while more modern homes tend toward open living spaces that flow naturally from entertainer style kitchens to wide patios with a variety of home styles in between. 

One of the most important aspects of a home is how the interior walls are designed. While the exterior may look the same, where the walls, hallways, doors, and open spaces are located will define your buyer's experiences inside the home.

Using Frosted Glass to Open a Closed Floor Plan

Home sellers often run into floor-plan challenges when working with older, more closed-off houses. The lack of open space is a serious turn-off for most modern buyers and families looking for an open and airy design.

While many sellers redesign the kitchen or repaint the bedrooms, they often overlook how much of the interior layout of a house can be changed from removing walls to adding glass that makes the house seem more spacious.

Don't like how the kitchen and dining room are separated? You can probably rip out all or most of the wall and add beauty with an artistic glass divider instead.

Don't need a hallway between the living room and bedroom doorways? Remove the hallway wall and replace it with frosted glass for a combination of airy openness and bedroom door privacy. 

You can even alter the upper story to make an overlook balcony or peek-a-boo windows. There are all sorts of ways to use decorative glass panels inside your home to open up the floor plan without completely removing walls, and we have a few suggestions to share.


1) An Elegant Entryway

Everyone knows that frosted glass is beautiful when embedded both in and beside your front door, but what about the space between your entryway and living spaces?

If you've been wondering how to make that area designated for coat hooks and hastily dropped backpacks pop with elegance and style, consider a few decorative glass panels.

You can insert them on either side of your front door and then create a beautiful matching pair opposite to create a frosted glass doorway to the rest of your home as well.

frosted glass entryway

2) Between the Dining and Living Rooms

Modern houses tend to blend the dining, living, and kitchen areas together into one large room on the main floor, but older houses often prefer to have them separated instead.

If you like the space differentiation but still want family time to flow more naturally from room to room, consider leaving the walls in place and cutting out space for beautifully frosted glass panels instead.

The glass visually opens up the space and makes it easier to communicate between rooms while still keeping the dining room audibly and experientially separate from the room with the television. 


3) From Upstairs to Downstairs

Homes with two stories will often choose to use that extra height for a vaulted-ceiling living area, meaning that the upper half of the wall actually backs an upstairs room.

If this is a public room, you can cut out the top half of the wall to create a delightful balcony or, if it leads to a bedroom, you can still open up the space with a lovely frosted cut-out window.

A glass insert that swings out elegantly and a few curtains can allow easy and visually delightful communication between the floors and a dynamic new window to decorate in the bedroom while still providing bedroom privacy.


4) To Flow into Atriums and Sunrooms

Many homes have something like an atrium or sunroom that is half-indoors, half-outdoors.

Atriums and sunrooms are often used as a combination greenhouse and seating area and are usually already wrapped in windows to bring in a little extra sunlight.

Adding glass cutouts with flower patterns to the interior walls allows more of that sunlight to flood into the next room and completes the visual flow of the atrium. 

There are many ways to use glass in the home, but few people realize just how easy it is to put in a new window on the inside, adding greater visual depth and accessibility to any house.

Your buyers certainly won't, and these creative changes will wow them with beauty and a unique brand of an open floor plan that decries elegance and style.

If you're planning to sell an older home with spaces that could be opened up, take a moment to consider where frosted glass can be used to enhance the beauty and flow after you take out those original separating walls.

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