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4 Reasons to Design a Baking Cabinet

baking cabinet

Most of the time, if you have cooking utensils only used for one kind of recipe, they wind up at the back of the drawer. The one exception is baking.

Many people love to bake. There's social baking, stress baking, and even health baking. There's something soothing about mixing flour and sugar into delicious treats from batter or dough. There's something romantic about transforming your efforts into warm, delicious treats.

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While most of your kitchen may be dedicated to the utility of general cooking, you might consider building a dedicated cabinet space just for baking.

A baking cabinet provides you with upper and lower storage and your own private prep space just for baking. This separates out your baking supplies from your regular cooking gear and always gives you a beautiful space to bake when it's time to make the kitchen smell like rising bread again.


Beautifully Store Your Baking Ingredients

  • Flour
  • Sugar and colored sugar
  • Chocolate chips
  • Nuts
  • Sprinkles
  • Candles and decorations
  • Food coloring

Use your upper storage to create a beautiful display for your baking ingredients. The ingredients we use for baking rarely overlap other recipes, but we use them regularly to make sweet treats.

Baking supplies are perfect for display in glass jars and clear plastic canisters that put your chocolate chips, sprinkles, and birthday candles on display instead of hiding them away behind a cabinet door. Use glass cabinet doors or a stylized open shelf.


The Dishes and Gear You Only Use for Baking

  • Icing Piping Bag and Tips
  • Dessert ramekins
  • Muffin/cupcake pans
  • Cupcake papers
  • Cake pans
  • Mixing bowls
  • Cookie cutters
  • Spatula spreaders
  • Cake servers
  • Cake jars
  • Rolling pin
  • Wax paper and baking paper

Then there are all the utensils and dishes you only use when you bake - but you bake often enough to keep them on hand. The cupcake pans, mixing bowls, and piping bags and tips you use regularly should be easy to find and not buried under the roasting dishes and skillets you use for daily recipes.

Use your lower cabinets and waist-high drawers to store all your favorite baking supplies exactly where you'll appreciate having it when you need it. This is a great space to add organizers because you know exactly what you'll be storing.


Stow Your Primarily Baking Kitchen Appliances

  • Heavy mixer
  • Bread machine

What about your mixer? Or your bread machine? One of our favorite additions to the baking cabinet is a mixer arm. This adds a mechanical or even hydraulic assistant to lift the mixer from inside the cabinet to a counter-high platform for easy use without throwing out your back getting out the mixer or putting it away. The same goes for your bread machine if you like to make homemade bread.


Create a Designated Space for Baking Prep

Finally, there's the joy of personally designing your own baking prep space. Give yourself a counter that is perfect to flour for rolling dough. Design hooks or racks along the side for your favorite utensils. Mount your rolling pin nearby. Keep measuring cups and spoons just for distributing batter. Design your countertop as the perfect place for mixing, pouring, kneading, rolling, and even cooling your baking projects.


Some people build a coffee station. Some build a slow cooker station. If you love to bake, consider designing one cabinet and countertop space as your baking station. Contact us today to explore your vision of the perfect baking space. We'll help you design everything from your ingredient cabinet to the mixer arm to the light shining down onto your perfect baking prep space. Edesia is here to help make your kitchen the perfect place to bake.

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