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5 Great Choices for Ceramic Tile in Your Bathroom

ceramic tile

Remodeling your bathroom is a fun project for any homeowner. You get to choose the new color, style, and even change the layout if you want to. 

However, the finishing touches are often the most important. The bathroom tile you choose will define how the space appears, how it is used, and how enjoyable your bathroom is for occupants.

The right floor can be comfortable, sturdy, and prevent slips. The right walls can be beautiful and long-lasting. That is why so many homeowners choose ceramic tile.

With thousands of ceramic tile colors, textures, sizes, and patterns to choose from, how to you select the best ceramic tile for your bathroom? Only you know your vision of the remodel, but we can help guide your decision with a few helpful suggestions.

The following five tips are excellent choices for various aspects of ceramic tile in the bathroom.


Textured Matte Ceramic for Bathroom Floors

When choosing ceramic tile for the floors, don't look at the same finishes as the glossy wall tiles. Bathroom floors tend to become damp with condensing steam and water from the shower. Not to mention drippy feet.

This means that preventing slips is the most important consideration for the bathroom floor, after durability and water resistance.

Ceramic tile glazing can be matte in texture, ensuring that there is plenty of texture and traction between wet feet and the tile floor. Be sure to choose a beautiful matt finish tile design for your bathroom floors.


Shiny Glazed Ceramic for Bathroom Accents

Of course, the most beautiful ceramic tiles are those with glass-like glaze. That shiny gloss is as breathtaking on the walls as it is on the floor.

If you want shiny ceramic tiles in your design, work them in as focus pieces into your wall decor or use the glass-like glazed tiles as backsplash and accent elements instead.

This is your chance to decorate with a mix of tile types, including jewel-bright tiles bringing your bathroom design to life.


Recycled Ceramic Tiles

Homeowners who like to build with eco-friendly and sustainable materials will love ceramic tiles as well.

Ceramic can be made from recycled ceramic that came before. You can be confident that no new materials were mined or harvested for the creation of your bathroom ceramic tiles.

Green construction is not just rewarding in the moment, it's a satisfaction you can enjoy for years.


Ceramic Backsplash and Trim

Never underestimate your opportunity to add trim. You don't have to pick just one type of ceramic tile. You can mix-and-match.

You can create your own personal mosaics and combine tiles to create shapes they were not originally intended to make. The best place to do this in-detail is your backsplash.

The space under the mirror and behind the sink can host artwork, just as you can add ceramic tile trip to the top and bottom of every wall and along the top of your shower enclosure.


Soft Bath Mats or Radiant Heating

Ceramic tile has one notable precaution; it can get very cold. Ceramic is not a good heat insulator, so during the winter a ceramic tile floor can radiate cold instead of heat. This is a problem that is easily solved in-part or you can invest in a permanent solution.

For most ceramic bathroom floors, we throw down a fluffy bath mat and walk only on that when the floor is cold. But you can also choose to install radiant heating, liquid or electric elements heating underneath the floor so your ceramic bathroom floor is always toasty warm under the toes.


Ceramic tile is a great addition to any bathroom remodel project. Whether you're redoing the floor, the walls, or your shower enclosure, ceramic tile is a durable and attractive option that is well-within any renovation price range. Contact us today to find out more about ceramic tiles for your bathroom remodel.

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