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5 Key Things to Look for in A Remodel Bid

Remodel Bid

When you have a remodeling project, you'll receive bids from several contractors. Before finally settling for one, there are crucial factors to look for, whether you have experience in home renovation projects or it's your first time handling such a project. This post looks at five key things to look for in a remodel bid to be sure you're working with the right person who can make your dream home a reality.

1.    The Project Scope, Resources, and Timeframes

Check if the bidders have specified the project's scope and indicated the resources needed at each phase. Will their proposed methodology work towards delivering the end product you want within these timeframes? You also need to evaluate the following:

  • Are the materials proposed for the remodel suitable and available to the project's completion?
  • Is the contractor's company big enough for your project?
  • Does the methodology or product the contractor suggests comply with your specifications?
  • What are the contractor's relevant experience and past performance?
  • Will the proposed methodology and resources align with future remodeling projects?

2.    How Well Has the Contractor Broken Down the Cost Estimates?

Any contractor can quote a figure and tell you the amount is enough to complete the project, only to slap and stress you with more surprises later. Attention to detail is crucial when analyzing project costs. You need to understand in-depth where the total estimated cost will go and how the contractor arrived at the figures.

When you invite a contractor to evaluate a remodeling project, feel free to ask as many questions as you deem suitable. Take your time during the bidding process, keeping in mind that accurate estimates take time. If someone wants to rush you through the process, it's improbable the quote will be accurate.

3.    Has the Contractor Posed Any Questions to You?

Bidders that don't ask you questions are a bad sign. When submitting a bid for a remodeling project, it's always good practice for the bidder to submit an RFI to request clarification or additional information. Not doing so indicates they're not looking at your documents closely. Questions asked during the bidding process usually show that the bidder is actively engaged and has thoroughly reviewed your remodeling document.

4.    Is There a Risk Assessment Report Attached?

While bidding for a project, a contractor should carefully identify all the potential risks that could arise on the project. Through careful analysis of the bidding documents, specifications, and plans, they can identify potential risks based on their experience and historical data. Risk factors include unfavorable site conditions, incomplete construction documents, safety concerns, and accelerated timelines.

Upon analyzing these risks, a contractor should let you know if they exist on your project and how they impact the outcome. They should provide recommendations on handling each risk factor for the best project outcome. A missing risk assessment report could be a red flag.

5.    Who Does the General Contractor Work with?

You have the right to know who will be coming into your home to handle the various aspects of your remodeling project. Since this is your home, it's logical that you want to know who will have access to it and what each person will do. There's reassurance in knowing the contractor you choose has a team that can perform the work at hand with a high level of commitment to quality.

Choosing the Best Bidder for Your Remodeling Project

When looking for the best contractor to handle your remodel project, it's essential to analyze their bids. The documents can give you insights into how they're likely to work on the project to completion. The goal of a quality contractor is to provide excellent results and an enjoyable process. Above are 5 key things to look for in a remodel bid.

If you're looking for a professional contractor to handle your remodeling project, Edesia Kitchen and Bath Studio can help. We can create a quick guide of the items you need to match your lifestyle. Contact us to schedule a consultation or download our planning guide.

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