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5 Kitchen Remodels You Need in 2021

 Kitchen Remodels

Last year was hectic, and 2021 will be no different.  If you're having family or friends over, your kitchen will probably be the focal point of entertainment. 

Even if you're not having anyone over you want your kitchen to be a nice place for you and your family to spend precious time together. Especially with everyone spending more time at home, your kitchen should be a place you love.

Gatherings are centered around food and you want to make sure your kitchen is up to par to accommodate everything.  Here are 5 kitchen remodels you need in 2021.


Increase Storage

Gatherings mean having more people and more food in your kitchen. You want to make sure you have enough space for everything you need. Increasing storage in your kitchen is a great year-round investment.

You can increase storage by getting more cabinets, adding storage in plain sight, or putting some kitchen items are display. Check out this website for more trendy ideas to increase storage in your kitchen. 


More Seating

Adding more seating to your kitchen can help accommodate more people. Even if these seating areas won't be used year-round you can add a decorative pillow or accent to help bring your kitchen to life. 

Extra seating doesn't have to include just chairs either. You can add a bench or whatever fits your style best. Here are more fun and creative ways to incorporate more seating into your home and kitchen.


Add More Appliances

Do you ever need to make multiple things in the oven at once and don't have run for them all? It's hard to keep everything warm when the food isn't coming out at the same time.

Adding more appliances to your kitchen can help eliminate this problem. If there's no room to build around your built-in appliances, you can install a stand-alone appliance like an ice maker or hibachi-style grill. Here is more information about kitchen appliances.


Create A Coffee Station

Everyone could use a little extra fuel during these trying times. A coffee station is a perfect touch to any kitchen. Your guests and family members will love being able to self serve their coffee, plus it will save you time.

Equip this station with your favorite coffees, creamers and mugs. This cozy corner will be a retreat for anyone in your home. Plus it can even be turned into a hot chocolate station for the kids. Check out our Pinterest page has more ideas for inspiration for your new coffee station.


Add Speakers

Nothing screams cheer more than music. This year everyone can use all the positivity and cheer they can get. Equipping your kitchen will speakers will be sure your music is loud enough for all to hear.

You can use your speakers to play music while you cook, play cooking videos out loud or have a recipe read to you. Just imagine all the kitchen dance parties. Here are the 3 best wireless kitchen speakers. P.S these would also make a great gift for any music-loving family or friend.

If you are looking for a sign to remodel your kitchen\ here it is. Create your perfect space and make special memories with family and friends.  Here at Edesia Kitchen and Bath will design kitchens with you in mind.

Let us help you create your dream kitchen this year. Contact us today at or 781-238-880 to learn more about remodeling your kitchen. And check out our website to see some of our previous kitchen remodeling work. 

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