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5 Luxurious Things You Should Be Able to Do from the Bath

Luxurious Things You Should Be Able to Do from the Bath

Taking a bath is a luxurious experience that everyone should be able to enjoy.  You should be able to stretch out in your tub or throw an arm over the side of the tub to sip a drink or even turn the pages of a book to double the enjoyment you get when taking a long and steamy bath.

We love a long bath and embrace the new bathtime lifestyle design choices being embraced by modern homeowners and designers today. Of course, not every bathroom is built to fully capture the bath lifestyle trend. 


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Reading in the Bathtub

Bathtub reading has been a tradition of (very careful) luxury for more than one hundred years. There is something delightful about the flip of the pages and the journey into somewhere fantastically far away while soaking in the bath.

Today, you can buy and imperil an entire shelf of paperbacks at a steal - but you don't have to. You can waterproof a tablet and use it as your bathtime e-reader for infinite adventures enjoyed from the tub. Make your steamy soak even more immersive with the journey of a good book to carry your imagination on clouds of steam.


Bath Napping

If you've ever happily dozed off in the bathtub, you know this is a privilege worth planning for. Not only will you want an extra-large soaker tub for adult bath-napping, you'll also want a subtle lounging design to safely and comfortably keep your head above water while you snooze.

Consider an inflatable neck pillow that provides both neck support and head safety for bathtime napping. Let the hot water take you somewhere else as your muscles relax and you catch a few steamy Z's.


Soaking and Listening to Music

Bathtime music is one of the wonders of modern media. While shower radios and bathroom CD players are known trends of the past, today's bathroom music comes from smart homes and voice commands.

This means you don't even have to dry your hands to request your favorite song or digital station for your perfect bathtime tunes. Rock out with your lufa or peace out under clouds of steam with any type of music at the tip of your tongue.


Watching a Movie in the Tub

Ever want to kick back and just watch a good movie or power-stream some television from the bath? If you like a long bath, this could be the perfect way to enjoy yourself. In fact, if you have trouble waiting through a medicinal bath, a little bathtime television can make the wait more interesting and enjoyable.

Kick back in your soaking tub and use voice commands for a bathroom-mounted smart television for the ultimate long-bath luxury watching a movie from the tub.


Holding Bathtime Phone Conversations

You can even do a little of your remote working from the bathtub. Use a smart speaker to conduct phone conversations from the comfort and luxury of your bathtub. Listen to podcasts, watch presentations, even attend webinars while in the bath and hold cam-free conference calls to trade professional thoughts with your peers.

With the right microphone, no one needs to know you're soaking in scented oils while explaining how to properly archive company files.

Looking to design the perfect luxury bathroom for your bathtime lifestyle upgrades? We look forward to it! Contact us today for bathroom fixture remodel or more expansive remodel plans to enhance your at-home luxury in your bathrooms, kitchen, and beyond.

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