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5 Remodeling Ideas for Your Bathroom Vanity

bathroom vanity

The centerpiece of any bathroom is the vanity; your counter, sink, and mirror. An important combination, to be sure. 

This is where you, your family, or guests get ready for each day. It's the room where you brush your teeth, style your hair, and have your daily self-talk.

Consider the difference a simple countertop design and mirror frame can make, and realize the power is in your hands to design a unique and stylish bathroom experience with your vanity remodel.


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Looking for some ideas to remodel your bathroom vanity? We've got you covered. Our favorite ideas this year are inspired by the eco-friendly upcycling trend, appreciating the total value of each material - including remnants and reclaimed materials from buildings torn down.

We love how the mixed metal trend blends perfectly with restored older fixtures and reclaimed wood can build new homes.   


The Elements of Bathroom Vanity Design

  • Countertops
  • Cabinets
  • Vanity Lighting
  • Sink (s) and Fixtures
  • Mirror and Frame
  • Storage Design
  • Clever Features

You can remodel one aspect of your vanity or rebuild the entire wall and sink from scratch. A vanity remodel can be more beautiful, more comfortable, and have more convenient storage than the vanity you're rebuilding.


Our Favorite Bathroom Vanity Remodeling Ideas of 2021

1 Remnant and Mosaic Countertops

There are so many beautiful materials for bathroom countertops. Solid and custom slabs are the norm, but if you want to get creative, try using glass or concrete instead. Design a countertop from a unique collection of remnant stones and tile shards.

Glass tops have been used for decades.  It can be formed and back painted.

Cement countertops can be custom by adding anything you want, and often are supplied by pieces of glass or a stain!


2 Upcycled Vanity Cabinets

Upcycled wood is one of the coolest sources of building material for a kitchen or bathroom remodel.

Wood floors, paneled wood walls, and new cabinetry can all be made with wood reclaimed from recent demolitions. This is a great way to keep good quality hardwood in use, adding history to new homes whole saving the trees of today.


3 Twin Sinks and Mixed-Metal Fixtures

Many homeowners want dual sinks or double sinks when doing a bathroom vanity remodel. I heard its a must for a happy marriage! It's also practical for kids bathrooms where more than one person gets ready at a time.

Right now, the hottest trend in fixtures is mixed metals, particularly favoring the black, brass, and bronze range. This trend of warm metal finishes will give your bathroom a splash of personality and also blend well with the dark wall and counter paint trends.


4 The Mirror and Frame

The difference a mirror can make is impressive. Would you rather have one long rectangular mirror, two ornately framed ovals, or twin sleek rectangular mirrors for your bathroom vanity?

Mirrors can be steam resistant, even have a tv display. The choice is yours. This may be where you want to use an AR app to test a few mirror designs on your wall while you brainstorm.


5 Handy Storage and Hidden Hampers

Don't forget bathroom vanity storage ideas. Where will you put your toothbrush? Do you need a shelf for daily medicines or cosmetics at hand? Now is your chance to build yourself something clever, handy, and organized.

A medicine cabinet might be the right answer or an extending arm-stand for various brushes and bottles. Now is certainly the right time to measure drawers for organizers to sort things like hairbrushes, hair dryers, and various makeup. While you're at it, consider a hidden hamper compartment for hidden yet convenient towel storage.


Designing a new bathroom vanity is a great opportunity for any remodeling project. From the mirror design to the color of your cabinets, you can completely reinvent the form and function of your bathroom experience. Contact us today to consult on your bathroom remodel ideas and get started on enacting your vision.

bathroom planning guide

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