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5 Tips to Make Your Small Kitchen Feel Large

Small Kitchen Feel Large

If your home has a small kitchen, you're not alone. Tiny kitchens were the trend for decades, from little shotgun parallel kitchens to cramped Ls and squares. There was the the trend of closing kitchens away, the trend of tucking them into a corner, and long trend of little kitchens connected to the living room through a window or over a peninsula breakfast counter.

But don't worry. If your kitchen has started to feel claustrophobic, there are a lot of things you can do to brighten it up and make it seem a little bigger.

After all, there are thousands of other kitchens like yours with homeowners who need the space to actually feel spacious.

We've got a few great tricks to make your small kitchen feel large in a few simple steps.


1) Light Colors with Subtle Depth

The use of color really matters when you want to make a little space feel big. Light colors feel more spacious, but stark white can be oppressive on it's own. we suggest a blend of pastels that provides subtle depth to your space. Use shadow differences in hue to give your kitchen a sense of depth while reflecting as much light into the space as possible. Deep blues and natural greens are in style right now, and look beautiful when used strategically in your kitchen. Dark lower cabinets, a lighter shade of upper cabinets, and subtle differences in backsplash hue can help make the whole space seem deeper.


2) Open Upper Shelves Instead of Cabinets

Instead of upper cabinets, which close in your space, try open shelves. Open shelving takes up less space and the cabinet doors don't open into your space.  For the same depth of shelf and effective storage space, you can free up a lot of otherwise unused square footage around the corners and edges. Plus, it's an opportunity to show off how nice your dishes look when stacked out in the open. 

Tip: Consider small rail guards to provide that subtle protection against falling dishes. Especially if you have a cat.


3) Take It to the Ceiling

Whether you choose cabinets or open shelves, take your upper shelving to the ceiling. Take your pantry cabinet to the ceiling. Create tall lines that go all the way up. Not only do you get the advantage of extra shelving for the very tall (or with a step stool), but it also draws the eye upward. This enhances the feel that you have tall ceilings and a lot more open air in your small kitchen.


4) Mirrors and Mirrored Backsplashes

Mirrors are a well-known way to make any small space feel bigger. The reason is simple: It reflects the room back so it looks like you have twice the room. A mirror anywhere in your kitchen, especially a large mirror, can have that effect. The most popular place for a big mirror in a small kitchen is a mirrored backsplash from the countertop to the upper cabinets - or even behind your floating shelves. However, a large upright mirror on the side of your pantry or backing your breakfast nook can have a similar effect.


5) Temporary Island Design

If your small kitchen lacks an island, consider a temporary one. A sturdy wooden table with an under-shelf, or a broad cart with locking wheels can give you that extra prep space while still making it possible to clear the floorspace when you need it. Fold-out surfaces are also all the rage, which means you might consider a slide-out peninsula island instead.


Reinventing Your Kitchen with Edesia Kitchen & Bath 

No kitchen is perfect until you make it your own. There are small kitchens, awkward kitchens, kitchens at the wrong height, and kitchens with an unusual choice of appliances. As a homeowner, it's your right to customize until your kitchen makes you comfortable and happy to cook in.  If your kitchen is too small, we can help you make the major and minor changes that will make it feel bigger, more spacious, and more comfortable when you cook. 

Contact us today to consult on what you can do with your small kitchen, from mirror backsplashes and big windows to opening up that dividing wall.


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