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5 Tips to Plan an Affordable Kitchen Remodel

Affordable Kitchen Remodel

Planning a kitchen remodel, you've probably heard cost estimations on both ends of the spectrum. On one hand, it is possible to go all-out on a kitchen remodel that blows even the biggest budgets. On the other hand, kitchen remodels can be surprisingly affordable with just a few expenses for materials and labor. The fact is that both are true, and the cost of your kitchen remodel depends on a few important choices you make along the way.

If your goal is an affordable yet uplifting and beautiful kitchen,  all you need is to know affordable remodel best practices. The kitchen design experts at Edesia can help you plan your renovations for a stunning new kitchen while easily staying within your budget.


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Here are our top tips for affordable kitchen renovation planning.


Focus on Surface-Level Changes

Unless you have a good reason, don't rip out the cabinets and rebuild them from scratch. Cabinets are the biggest part of your kitchen, so the cost of a cabinetry rebuild can really run into dollars, doubly so, because you'll also need all new countertops.

The most affordable kitchen renovations are those that focus on surface-level changes. Repaint or refinish your cabinets, even replace the hardware or the cabinet doors themselves, but leave the built-in structures where they are.

Change your faucet, but don't rebuild the plumbing hookups. Install your new cooktop below the existing exhaust hood, and so on. By prioritizing surface changes, you can make a big visual change without paying for all-new kitchen structures.


Don't Spring for Ultra-Luxury Materials

There are many tiers of materials for your kitchen remodel. Everyone knows to avoid bargain-basement materials that will wear out too fast. But it's also important not to be tempted by the siren-song of ultra-luxury materials. Those rare stone tiles or Brazilian Hardwood cabinets are not as important as designing a beautifully functional kitchen with more affordable resources.

There are endless options for color, density, and style within a more affordable price range. Sort your options by price range, then choose your favorite details among the many available options.


Know What to DIY and What to Contract

There are some aspects of kitchen remodeling that you can DIY and have fun doing it. However, there are also many aspects that should (or legally must) be completed by a licensed home improvement professional. Repainting your cabinets can be DIY if you have a deft hand and look up the right procedure, but anything involving wiring, plumbing, or build-ins should be done by a trusted contractor, instead.

This ensures that when a renovation step is completed, it is done safely and at high quality the first time around. Not having to redo any stage of work can equal significant savings.


Remodel for Salability: Upliftingly Neutral

When considering the cost of a renovation, don't forget to think in terms of ROI (return on investment). Home improvements can and often do increase the value of your house should you ever decide to sell. However, some improvements sell better than others. A kitchen that is designed in an uplifting yet neutral way will be more welcoming to future chefs and achieve a timeless look that is unlikely to go out of style.

Keeping your vision inspirationally neutral can also help save money by avoiding extravagant choices that might risk going overboard in both budget and design.


Renovate in Stages

Lastly, remember that you can always renovate more later. There's no law that says your kitchen renovation must be completed all in one go. You can retile the backsplash, repaint the cabinets, and replace the sink all during different phases of a long-term project to achieve the perfect kitchen. Going more slowly can allow your budget to recharge and give you time to plan the most pleasing yet affordable options for the next stage.


Practical Kitchen Renovation Planning with Edesia

If you want to achieve a beautiful kitchen but don't want to blow your budget, Edesia Kitchen & Bath Studio can help. Our designer-builders have the insight you need to achieve your vision of a new kitchen while prioritizing materials and steps that save the most money in the process.

Your kitchen renovation doesn't have to be over-the-top. Edesia can help you design the perfect kitchen. Contact us today to learn more.


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