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5 Ways to Keep White Kitchen Cabinets Timeless

White kitchen cabinets

Simple white kitchen cabinets are bright, cheerful, and make your kitchen look pristine. However, white can also feel a little stark on it's own. With all-white kitchens going out of style, you may be considering ways to keep the white cabinets you love while creating a timeless look that will last through many future shifts in kitchen style trends.

White cabinets are a beautiful part of your kitchen design and with the right accents, you make your kitchen bright and inviting while nurturing a timeless depth in the design.


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1) Natural Wood Accents

Natural wood has always been a kitchen favorite, and with natural kitchen styles on the rise, warm wood accents are the perfect way to make your white cabinets stand out. Natural wood can be of any finish that looks beautiful in your home, whether you choose a dark oaken stain or a glowingly warm chestnut. Choose natural wood for your trim and molding, giving context to your white cabinets to provide some of that cottage warmth to the kitchen design.


2) Warm, Inviting Texture

Another great way to accentuate your white cabinets is with texture. A mosaic tile backsplash in textured tile or herringbone brick is a wonderful wan to add subtle color and depth to the bright white ambiance of your kitchen cabinets. You can also add texture with things like baskets used to organize your countertops, textured hand towels looped through drawer handles, and even textured wall paper in your breakfast nook.

Choose soft natural colors that make your texture in the amber-wheat and terra cotta range to breathe warmth into the spaces between your all-white cabinets.


3) Pop of Color

You can also show off your personality with pops of brilliant accent colors to really bring out the bright cheer of white cabinetry.  Accent color is one of the best ways to make a kitchen your own while maintaining a stately unified look that matches the theme of your white cabinets. Choose brilliant sunset tones, bright jewel-box colors, or cool ocean hues. For a more neutral look, moss green and naturals are in style.

Be sure to bring your accent color to life with items as well as paint. Bright fruit bowls, vases of flowers, and brilliant dishware that matches your style will draw the eye and inspire smiles.


4) Dark Paint and Dramatic Backsplashes

Formal kitchens and dark hues are also in style. From dark wood stains to somber paint colors, you can balance the brilliance of your white cabinets with darker colors. Choose a charcoal tile backsplash or paint your trim in dark, formal colors. Navy blue, hunter green, deep plumb, and even regal black are leading the race for dark, dramatic kitchen tones.


5) Accent Lighting

Another great way to make a white cabinet kitchen feel warm and welcoming is with accent lighting. Shine lights down from the underside of your upper cabinets to light the countertop. Place lights inside the cabinets to light the shelves. You can even line the lowest ridge of your cabinets to provide soft nighttime floor lighting at the baseboards.


Making Your White Cabinets Timeless with Edesia Kitchen & Bath

At Edesia, we understand the intricacies of kitchen style. If you love your white cabinets or want to switch to brilliant white cabinets, we know how to help you make this style uplifting, warm, and timeless. Every kitchen has the potential to be beautiful and become the perfect hub of family life. Contact us to unlock the potential of your kitchen and the timeless qualities of your white kitchen cabinets.


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