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6 Benefits of Ceramic Bathroom Tile

ceramic tile

When remodeling your bathroom, the choice in tile can be overwhelming. There are so many materials and styles to select. 

If you're weighing the pros and cons of ceramic or marble or granite or porcelain, we can help you come to a conclusion.

Luxury tiles are wonderful and they play an important role, but most of the time ceramic holds up against all other competition. Practical, affordable, and green to boot, ceramic tiles have a lot to offer your bathroom remodel.

Let's dive into the top six ways your remodeling project could benefit from choosing ceramic tiles for the bathroom.


1) Long-Lasting Durable Tile

The first thing that most homeowners should consider about ceramic tile is its durability. Ceramic tile is extremely hard and dense without being made of a mined stone.

Ceramic tiles were designed to be highly resistant to impacts and cracking and they are remarkably difficult to scratch.

Ceramic tiles also conveniently age very well. If you're looking to make a long-term improvement without worrying about replacing broken tiles in the future, ceramic is the way to go.


2) Most Affordable Tile Option

Ceramic tile is the perfect middle-road price for bathroom flooring, but it's the most affordable of your tile options.

Ceramic tiling has a higher price than linoleum and some laminate boards, but it is the lowest cost when it comes to tile This is no compromise, ceramic is hard, durable, and can be beautiful.

This makes it the most practical choice for any bathroom remodel when it comes to both price and performance.


3) Child and Pet Friendly

When choosing a tile, it's important to consider the people and lifestyles that will impact that tile. Some tiles are soft and scratch easily.

Some are brittle and crack easily. Ceramic is neither. Durable, dense, and washable, ceramic tiles are great for homes with kids and pets.

Even if you install luxury tile in the master bathroom, tile the family bathroom in ceramic and never worry about the bathroom taking damage.


4) Green Construction with Recycled Tiles

Eco-friendly construction is both responsible and trendy. There's something great about giving yourself something nice and knowing it cost the environment nothing. Unlike cut stone tiles, ceramic is made of a composite that is then glazed.

This makes it possible to make new ceramic tiles from old ceramic objects, ground up and recooked into a new form. You can be confident that your bathroom tiles are green, sustainable, and eco-friendly.


5) Hypoallergenic

For homeowners looking for hypoallergenic building materials, ceramic tile is an excellent choice. Ceramic is non-porous which means that there is no place for mold to grow or hide.

No one is allergic to ceramic and the surface is very resistant to allergens settling or growing on the tile. This makes ceramic bathroom tile a great addition to a hypoallergenic home.


6) Stain-Resistant and Easy to Clean

Last but certainly not least, ceramic tile is easy to clean. It does not stain easily, and neither does the glaze. Stain-resistant tile is essential, resistant to everything from colorful toothpaste to hair dye.

Ceramic also scrubs clean very easily. Ceramic creates a smooth, non-porous surface that can be swept, mopped, and scrubbed to get up any mess. It doesn't hold onto grime, making it even faster to pick up the dirt and go.


If you are designing your bathroom remodel, consider the many benefits of ceramic tile. Matte and glossy, plain and patterned, there are so many ceramic tile options for your bathroom. Contact us today to consult on the best tiles for your bathroom redesign.


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