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6 Reasons Kitchen Remodels Go Over Budget

Kitchen Remodels Go Over Budget

Planning a kitchen remodel, one of the most common warnings you will hear is to avoid going over-budget. Home remodels sometimes have a way of getting out of control. You may have heard stories about remodels that went on for too long, or the final price was vastly over what the family planned for. In other cases, a family may have planned one renovation budget, but their decisions led to an entirely different outcome. 

What makes a kitchen remodel go over-budget? When you are aware of the risks that can push your budget too far, you can make plans that ensure your kitchen renovation is exactly what you want while also adhering to your budget.


1) Unforeseen Complications

The first thing to be prepared for is surprises behind your cabinets and walls. Dry rot, mold, corroded pipes, hidden layers of flooring, crumbling brick, water damage, or dangerous insulation could be behind your currently installed kitchen, and you might not discover these setbacks until your remodel is already fully planned and budgeted.

It can help to have your kitchen fully inspected, including samples from behind your walls and cabinets, before you finalize your renovation plans.


2) Cabinet Upgrades

Cabinets come in a very wide range of costs. Simple hardboard cabinetry is quite affordable. But the more upgrades you make to the simple design, the more your cabinets can cost. Custom styles and hardware can add costs, but the real cost increases come from either choosing a fancy hardwood or non-standard cabinet and drawer designs. Taller upper cabinets will cost more. Special wine drawers, vertical storage, corner cabinets, slide-outs, gaspring arms, and other features can drastically inflate the cost of your cabinetry.

This doesn't mean you should hold back on your dream kitchen design. But you should fully account for the cost of custom cabinetry in the planning stages to ensure your budget is respected.


3) Pricey Countertops

Like cabinets, countertops pricing can range from modest & affordable to the most expensive part of your kitchen. If you want butcher block, limestone, or a local granite, your countertops will likely fit within a standard estimated budget. But there are rare and luxury stone slabs from all over the world that could send your countertop costs sky-high.


4) Unique Kitchen Features

Remodeling your kitchen, it is your right and your joy to add a few custom features. If you want a pot-filler tap near the stove, a bar sink in the island, or a pot-hanging rack over your central light feature, they can be yours. But go overboard with custom features, and your kitchen remodel cost will go overboard as well. Carefully balance the features you want most with your practical renovation budget.


5) Sudden Changes in Plan

One of the biggest reasons for kitchen remodels to go over-budget unexpectedly is last-minute changes to your plan. If you see your kitchen half-renovated and suddenly want a custom tile backsplash or a different type of sink, that can set back the project and add costs for the new materials at the same time.

It's best to fully envision your kitchen before the work begins, knowing you will love the result when it's finished as planned.


6) Contractor Add-On Fees

Lastly, some of the stories about over-budget renovations focus on the contractor. Some contractors are less transparent about their fees and potential add-on costs when a contract is drawn up.

The best way to ensure that your remodel is on-budget when properly planned is to seek a fixed-price contract. This type of contract provides transparency and assurance that your remodel, as planned, will fit the budget you and your designer finalize together.


Remodel Your Kitchen On Budget with Edesia

At Edesia Kitchen & Bath Studio, we can help you plan your kitchen remodel from your first vision to the last floor tile. Our designer-builders will ensure you can have a kitchen you love with details and materials that ultimately fall within your price range. To top it off, we offer fixed-price contracts with no surprises.

Contact us today to consult on the perfect kitchen renovation and the scope of your budget. We'll bring your kitchen design into reality.


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