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7 Reasons to Upgrade Your Home Lighting Design

Home Lighting Design

There comes a time in every home's lifecycle when the light fixtures are updated. Rarely does a home make it through its many decades and families without at least a few fixture changes. 

Opening up your ceiling to change the light fixture is a big project, but it also takes less than two hours with a pro on the ladder. 

Here are seven great moments and reasons to change out your light fixtures and how to get the best style and at-home experience from your choice.


1. Rooms Without a Central Light Fixture

Not all homes were built with good lighting in mind. It's amazing how many living rooms, dens, converted basements and even bedrooms don't have a central light for illumination. You don't have to live in light and darkness based on sunshine alone.

A quick installation can pop a flush light or a comfortable, silent ceiling fan into the center of any room. If the flightless room is a public space like your living or dining room, consider a modern chandelier with the style and personality that you'll love to see in your home every day.    


2. Brightening Dark Spaces with New Lighting Designs

A room doesn't have to be devoid of light fixtures to be way too dim. Old light fixtures may be too small or even underpowered for the room. It was not uncommon in various building trends to install small lights without consideration for the space that needs illuminating. Why settle for a room where you are constantly stubbing your toe and losing small objects when a quick fixture update could do the trick?

Brightening dark spaces can be done by installing a more sprawling chandelier, a multi-point pendant light, or a grid of recessed lights to gently light the entire space.


3. Updating a Rickety Old Light Fixture for Safety

Do you have a light fixture or ceiling fan that feels unsafe? Exposed wires, creaking metal, and flaking finish; are all signs that a light fixture has seen its day. If the light has begun to flicker, make plans to replace the fixture immediately. Otherwise, wrap up that update into your next home renovation.

A rickety fixture is not just stylish to replace; it's a matter of home safety. You will want a professional up in the ceiling replacing old wires and ensuring the entire installation is safe with your new, modern light fixture.


4. Replacing a Chandelier with a Ceiling Fan

Some rooms need airflow more than dripping crystal. If you have a room with a chandelier that no longer fits the purpose and temperature profile of the space, replace it with a stylish modern ceiling fan instead. Ceiling fans are a popular light fixture replacement because they can provide tons of diffuse, elegant illumination and improve the airflow of the room - keeping it cool in the summer and fresh in the winter.

Ceiling fan designs also rival that of old chandeliers, offering elegant and post-modern styles that look good in any living or dining room with beautiful illumination and diverse options for style.


5. Installing Recessed Lighting for Even Illumination

Not enough lighting from a central fixture? Recessed lights are a popular choice to add evenly spaced lighting throughout the entire room. Recessed lighting works particularly well in large rooms and with vaulted ceilings, where it may be challenging for indirect or diffused light to fill the space. Living rooms, dens, and kitchens are the best places to install an even grid of recessed canister lights.


6. Personalizing a Room for Someone Special

A light fixture can also be the perfect touch to make a room truly belong to someone with a unique style. Whether you want to make a guest feel welcome, help a child feel at home in their own bedroom, or are personalizing a suite, your choice of light fixture can reflect the personality of the room's owner and occupant.

The right light fixture can be the perfect way to make a room truly belong to a member of your family so that they feel especially at home in their own space.


7. Updating Your Light Fixtures During any Home Renovation

You can always update your light fixtures any time you are already working on updates for the house. Home renovations are the perfect time to add, remove, and replace features that are installed a little deeper than the power outlets. With a trained electrician in your home, you can install any light fixture you find, build, refurbish, or buy new. The possibilities are endless.


Whether you're looking to update an old home, redesign the purpose of a room, or simply bring more light into the house with modern fixtures, we can help you complete your home's style.  Contact us today to imagine a new look for your kitchen or bathroom with new light fixtures to help transform and modernize the space.

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