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7 Types of Bathroom Countertop to Choose From

 Bathroom Countertop

Designing your new bathroom is an opportunity to completely remake the look and feel of your aquatic escape. 

Whether you are remodeling the guest powder room, the kid's bathroom or the master suite, the countertop of your bathroom sets the stage. You can choose a simple, elegant countertop in a classic solid stone or concrete, a quick and easy laminate countertop, or choose something a little more special to give your home a more aesthetic personality. 

Not sure what type of countertop to choose for your bathroom vanity remodel? We've got a few ideas that can inspire you, from the classics to the truly special.

Natural Stone Slab Countertop

The most traditional and among the most beautiful types of bathroom countertop is natural stone. Stone countertops are typically cut from a gorgeous slab of granite or marble, but bathroom countertops also have a little more leeway in the type of stone you choose, compared to kitchens. You can choose soapstone, limestone, slate, onyx, dolomite, quartz, or travertine. Each has its own natural beauty that may make your bathroom design truly stand out.


Ceramic Tile Countertops

Bathroom countertops can be tiled just like the rest of your bathroom. If you want a uniform-looking bathroom, you can even use the same ceramic tile design. However, we advise creating artistic contrast and letting your bathroom vanity become the centerpiece it will naturally be when made to be beautiful.

Pick a glossy ceramic tile that stands out or the right pattern to complete your interior design vision. Laid tight, your bathroom countertop gains a beautiful texture and pattern beyond what a stone slab can accomplish.


Glass Display Countertop

A glass display countertop is a special variation we love to see but rarely get to build. In this design, your bathroom countertop is made from beautiful impact glass with a display built inside.

You can put in polished river rocks, a faux garden, or a display of your favorite kind of 3D artwork along with smart LEDs to make your whole countertop glow as an incredible decorative display case and counter design in one.


Quick Laminate Countertop

If you just need a countertop and you need one fast, laminate is your answer. Laminate countertops tend to be shorter-lived and scratch a little easier than sealed stone or ceramic tile.

But laminate can be very pretty when the color and pattern match your bathroom and it'll serve well as a countertop for several years before you need to think about a replacement. For homeowners doing a rehab renovation, laminate is a great choice to get your bathroom back into service again quickly and affordably.


Mosaic Tile Countertop

Want something truly special? Use smaller pieces of tile and grout to create a beautiful mosaic design for your bathroom countertop. Work small blue and green tile pieces into the image of swimming turtles, curling vines, or mesmerizing geometry; whatever makes your bathroom most beautiful. You can hire a local mosaic artist or take on the task as an amazing DIY contribution to the home.


Concrete Countertops

Concrete is second to natural stone when it comes to the strength, weight, and smooth beauty of the stone. While concrete is a manufactured, poured stone, it creates a  surprisingly beautiful, almost creamy-looking appearance when poured into countertops and custom sink basins.

If you want a mix of elegant and industrial in your bathroom design, concrete is a great selection as long as your lower cabinetry is sturdy enough to hold it up.


Bamboo Block Countertops

We saved the most fun for last; bamboo countertops. If you want the beauty and feel of a wooden countertop in your bathroom but know that moisture can be a problem, go with bamboo instead.

Bamboo is often used for bathroom benches and brush handles because it is excellent at handling and surviving moisture. A bamboo countertop is a composite slab of board made of cut and layered pieces of bamboo and it feels amazing to run your hand over as part of your bathroom vanity top.


Excited about your bathroom counter redesign? Ready to choose a material and dive into making your remodel a reality? Contact us today, we're ready to help.

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