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7 Unique Vase Ideas From Rustic to Classic

Vases are a wonderful way to bring fresh and faux blooms into your home. In fact, the most beautiful floral decorations are almost never done with vases actually designed to be vases. 

You may notice that artful, homey-looking arrangements almost always involve a creatively eclectic collection of ways to contain your flowers.

Whether you are creating disguised planters to grow fresh blooms or looking for the perfect centerpiece arrangement, we've put together seven wonderfully unique vase ideas from rustic to a classic design.

1. Vintage Kettles and Coffee Pots

Never be shy about using your old pots and kettles to hold flowers. Kettles and vintage coffee pots bring a charmingly rustic feel to your floral arrangements while looking like they belong in the kitchen or on the dining table - even overflowing with blossoms. You can spruce up your kitchen corners or take center stage on the breakfast table with a kettle flower arrangement.


2. A Cute Row of Glass Bottle Vases

Why go big when you can make your vase design both renewable and adorable? Take clean glass bottles with the labels soaked off and fill each with a different level of water (or soil!) to place your flower arrangements.

Use a little row of bottles in an organizer box or condiments cage to make sure they are hard to knock over or create a delightful arrangement of flower bottles spread on little shelves and surfaces throughout your home to brighten every corner.


3. The Wedding Crystal Punch Bowl

Do you know that crystal punch bowl wedding gift? The one you only bust out for New Year's punch once a year? Bring it down and wipe out the dust, because this is a beautiful vase alternative for your centerpiece flower arrangements. Why let that gorgeous, heavy piece of crystal sit in the cabinet when it could be brightening your dining table or living room sidebar?


4. Mirror-Bright Buckets of Flowers

Buckets are a popular choice for holding flowers indoors and outdoors, often mixed with baskets and urns to create that made-at-home feel of home decoration. Rusty flower buckets may look artful on the patio, but the best buckets for indoor flowers are mirror-bright. Copper and silver buckets look delightful.

Choose their location based on size and height.  Large silver buckets might make beautiful corner planters while small beaten copper buckets are perfect for island and counter decor.


5. Small Garden Urn Centerpieces

Garden urns don't have to live outdoors. A clean concrete urn on the smaller side can make a beautiful classic place for your flower arrangements. Smaller urns are often mixed with large urns outdoors for a decorative flare but inside, you can call on neo-classical styles without buying an expensive vase at the store by repurposing fresh, clean garden urns instead.


6. Ornate Goblets and Footed Bowl Arrangements

Footed bowls are an elegant way to raise your flowers off the surface of a table and let them drip beautifully onto the tablecloth. If you don't have any footed bowls, check your holiday dishware for a few goblets instead. A large goblet makes the perfect small centerpiece for dripping blossoms.


7. Vintage Picnic Basket Blossoms

Of course, nothing is so warm and welcoming as a basket full of blossoms. Vintage picnic baskets often have charming designs, straps and even checked liners that make you smile every time you see flowers overflowing from the wicker confines. 

Baskets of faux flowers can be scattered throughout the house and even hung for suspended and overhead blooms.


Bringing flowers into your home is a wonderful way to decorate for spring. Embracing unique and creative vase ideas is a warm way to decorate that also allows you to choose between planters of fresh flowers, bowls of cut blossoms, or baskets of faux blooms that will last all season.

For more wonderful springtime decoration ideas and insights, or to completely reinvent your space with spring renovations, contact us today!kitchen planning guide


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