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8 Elegant Ways to Light Your Dining Room - Pt 2

 Light Your Dining Room

Indirect Light from Wall Sconces

Wall sconces have been lighting dining rooms since time immemorial. For centuries, lanterns and candles protruding from the walls were the only way to get the lighting to go all the way around a building.

We no longer need to refill oil reservoirs and light wicks to enjoy the beauty of a lantern wall sconce. 

For your dining room, wall sconces provide soft, indirect lighting that will delight your guests and cast a soft, dreamy illumination over the dining table. Wall sconces in a modern dining room are typically paired with overhead lights to light the center of the table where food will be enjoyed.


Illuminated Ceiling Sculpture

Ceiling sculptures are a special category of chandelier for the truly trend-setting. A ceiling sculpture is a chandelier or even a flush ceiling lighting design that exceeds the usual bounds of light fixture design. The ceiling sculpture creates or combines shapes in ways that catch and delight the eye while also perplexing. A ceiling chandelier may drip down like a pendant light or hug the ceiling flush with glowing lines each time it is illuminated.

Ceiling sculptures are usually artistic variations of the ceiling lights, chandeliers, and pendant lights, depending on the shape and core structure of the light fixture. You can find sculptural lights in any diverse and well-stocked fixture supplier.


Glowing Centerpiece

One marvelous new option for dining room lighting is a glowing centerpiece. A new, battery-powered (elegantly cordless) way to gently light your table can be found in soft diffusers and long-lasting LEDs. Just like the ceiling sculpture but in miniature and across the center of your table, the glowing centerpiece acts as the table's candle or soft lamp without overpowering the dining experience.

You can choose any type of glowing centerpiece you like, and there are many tabletop glowing sculptures to choose from. You can nestle glowing cubes or ovoids into a flower arrangement in the center of the table or create a crystalline formation of almost-natural beauty. You can make your own glowing centerpiece by capturing an LED light inside differently shaped frosted items. 

Even smart sculptures allow you to change the color and intensity of your glowing dining room centerpiece with voice commands -just like the light bulbs.


Flickering Candelabra

Of course, you can always choose the classic route for center-of-table illumination: Candelabra of lit candles. One candle at a time or several, your dining room may experience a transformation when you lay out the central wax and wick illumination plan. For special holidays and romantic nights, a little candle burning goes a long way. There is always wax and fire as a unique way to light your dining room for special occasions.

If you love the look of a candelabra and want one all year long, consider investing in lifelike LED candles with a real waxy texture and an LED embedded in a faux-cratered wax top so they appear to show the flicker of genuine flame within - heatless, smokeless, a waxless flame that is safe to leave on after dinner.


Looking for the perfect new light fixture for your dining room renovation? Here at Edesia Kitchen and Bath, we can help you expand your mealtime renovations to the dining room and know the right places to look for that perfect new light fixture. Whether you prefer a classic chandelier or an elegant pendant. Or the eerie glow of diffuse LED sculptures, we'll help you create your ideal dining style after building you the perfect kitchen. Contact us today to envision your kitchen and bath renovations.

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