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8 Ideas for Better Living Design in the Bath

Better Living Design in the Bath

Bathroom design has taken a turn toward lifestyle luxury. Even simple bathroom remodels now feature a more spacious shower or a deep soaking tub.

In fact, bathroom design is splitting demand for bigger showers, deeper tubs, or bathrooms big enough for both. Not only do we want more space to bath, but bathing is now a way to relax in more ways than one. Smart bathrooms introduce music and even screens to your bath, while built-in seats and swings make relaxing in a bath or shower far more comfortable.


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How can a bathroom remodel make the most of your relaxing bath time in the ways you like best?


1) Shelves for Candles, Oils, and Tablets

Bathtime doesn't have to be barren. Install niches and shelves into your shower wall or up the walls around your tub. Give yourself water-safe shelves for splashing and perhaps heat-safe shelves for a few bath candles.

Store your favorite soaps and oils in decorative containers. You can even mount your small tablet for a truly immersive bath experience.  


2) Hand-Drying Towel Bars

Like to relax in the bath and do other things? Some people read or browse the web or control a smart TV from the bath. To do these things, though, you need dry hands. Install a subtle hand towel rack near your bathtub or just outside the shower so you can quickly dry your hands and fully enjoy your bathtime activities.


3) Smart Home Speakers and Screens (waterproofed)

You don't need touch-screen control with smart home speakers. Install smart home devices in your bathroom for interactive radio and screens to watch shows and movies from the bath.

You can control your lights for bathtime mood lighting (or brighten up for cleaning) with smart home voice commands as well. Just be sure your tech is well out of range of the shower or bath splashes and/or is protected by waterproof covers.


4) Flexible Shower Hose

Whether you favor the shower or bathtub, a hand-held shower hose is always a luxury - and an easy one to install during your bathroom remodel. Add a shower hose to your design to give yourself the flexibility of bathtime massage and focused temperature therapy.

Give yourself a cool splash of water in the bath or take control of your shower, then hang it back up when you're done.


5) Wet Room Design or Lavish Rugs and Towels

There are two opposing yet popular bathroom design trends right now. One favors the bathtub centerpiece with deep pile bathmat rugs and plush towel storage.

The other favors ever-more-spacious stone shower stalls by turning the entire bathroom into an easy-to-clean and sauna-style wet room. A wet room is a room that can be sprayed down 100%. This is a great way to save space, by combining the two functions.


6) On-Demand Water Heating

Sometimes, your home's water heater just can't keep up with your need for a steamy hot bath in a deep soaker tub. And that's okay. Instead, install an on-demand water heater in the bathroom itself.

Better than heating your bath with pots of boiled water, an on-demand water heater runs water across heating elements as you run it, providing hot water faster (and more infinitely) than a tank water heater. You can take long hot showers or steam up your bath at any time, for as long as you like.  There are also tubs that have built in heaters for the more luxurious soak.


7) Smooth Stone Tile

Stone tile is growing in popularity with the shower expansion trend. Natural and textured stone feel nice against bare feet compared to polished ceramic or glass tile. Rough stone is less likely to be slippery while porous stone can dry over time.


8) Heated Floors and Towel Racks

The final luxury of any bathroom remodel is heated floors. This is usually achieved with an electric mat system run beneath raised floor tiles. The system heats and warms under the tiles, which warms your bathroom floor. These can also have a timer, so its ready for you in the morning. And once you have heated floors, why not also install a heated towel rack to warm every towel before you step out of the bath?


Making your bathroom more comfortable for bathing is a center point in all Edesia bathroom renovations, so we love this trend toward better lifestyles in the bath. Contact us today to start building your dream bathroom experience.

bathroom planning guide

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