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Alexa, Remodel My Bathroom: What You Can Do with a Smart Bathroom

Alexa, Remodel My Bathroom

There's no denying, smart homes are all the rage. As the gadgets get cooler and wifi signal gets better (hello, mesh network) we are thrilled to see just how far along smart homes have come in at-home convenience. As kitchen and bath renovation specialists, we are purveyors of convenience and comfort as well, in our own way.

One thing we are seeing much more of from modern homeowners is a desire to integrate smart features into their renovations. So, today, we're exploring the full possibilities of a modern smart bathroom and how surprisingly little renovation you need to achieve it.


What is a Smart Bathroom?

A smart bathroom is a bathroom that is integrated with smart home features. These are wireless, voice-commanded features that connect to your smart home system of choice. There are four features most likely to be seen in a smart bathroom upgrade: Lights, smart speaker, exhaust switch, and heated floors. Let us explain.

Smart Lights in the Vanity Sockets

Smart lights are easy. These are standard-sized RGB-W (full color spectrum and bright white) LED lightbulbs that will screw into any normal light fixture or vanity bulb socket. Once configured, you can turn them on and off, change the brightness, and set the color with a mobile app and with voice commands. Like, from the shower.

Smart Speaker on the Medicine Cabinet

A smart speaker is your connection to the smart home in every room. It plays music, but it also listens and interprets your commands for the rest of the gadgets in the room. These are also plug-and-play - all you need are a few cable clips to keep it tidy.

Smart Switch on the Exhaust Fan

Want to turn your exhaust fan on and off with a voice command? You can with the right smar switch. If there's a little plug and outlet hidden behind the fan vent (there often is) you can place a smart outlet in between. Easy peasy. Otherwise, you'll need an electrician to wire an in-line smart switch.

Smart Integrated Heated Floors

Heated floors are very chic and part of a major bathroom renovation. But modern heated floors can bond with your Alexa and even start warming up early based on a morning smart routine. So that is pretty awesome.


What Can You Do in a Smart Bathroom?

What about the potential experiences of a smart bathroom? We've got you covered here, as well. Let's take a look at just a few of the best perks of a smart bathroom renovation. Here's what you can do in a smart bathroom:

Not Stub Your Toe

  • Set the speaker to "night light" mode
  • Turn on the lights with a voice command

Want to never stub your toe shuffling to the bathroom in the middle of the night? Now, that is entirely possible. Not only will most smart speakers switch to a "night light" mode (where the indicator light glows softly), but you can also simply turn on your smart lights (gently) by voice command as you roll from bed.

Get the Morning News

  • Play a flash briefing or selected news broadcast
  • Listen to your morning podcast

In the morning when you need to boot your brain up, you can get that essential shot of news or your favorite daily podcast while you brush your teeth and take your morning shower. Not to mention the floors that heat themselves right before you wake up.

Take a Moody Bath

  • Color and dim the lights
  • Switch off the fan with a voice command
  • Play soft music or ocean sounds
  • Set the speaker to "night light" mode

Want to have a candle-lit bath with soft music and basically zero setup? A smart bathroom can do that. Set your smart speaker to night-light mode and ask it to play your favorite soft music - or even just an ambient sound like ocean waves. You can turn down the lights or have them change to a dark shade of your favorite color and relax into the bath.

Have a Shower Intercom

  • Chat (or shout) between smart speakers

If your family regularly has questions to ask or conversations to shout while you're in the shower, introduce them to Intercom Mode. Two smart speakers on the same network can serve as hands-free intercoms so you can answer questions - or ask for that towel you forgot - while standing comfortably in the warm shower with the door still closed.

Play Music in the Whole Master Suite

  • Multi-room music or all speakers
  • Play from your favorite music app

Want to rock your way through your morning routine, or keep your music going when you get out of the shower? Multiple smart speakers makes this easy. If you have a speaker in your bathroom and another in the bedroom, you can rock the whole suite from showering to getting dressed and ready. Heck, you can rock the whole house, playing the same music from your favorite streaming app synchronized from every smart speaker.


What can you do with a smart bathroom? If you come up with more cool ideas, installations, and uses, let us know! We always love to hear about new, creative smart home and bathroom renovation ideas.

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