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Bathroom Design Details: Important Aspects You Can't Ignore

Bathroom Design Details

No one ever stops to think about it, but the average person spends more than 2 years of their lives in the bathroom. It is an essential room for every home, and the amount of time spent in this room is reason enough to contemplate the design details worth incorporating into any bathroom. Today, we will dive into the bathroom design details you can't ignore if you wish to design a bathroom space you can be proud of. 

Detailed Cabinets 

Bathroom cabinets play an important but often overlooked role. They are specifically designed to help you store bathroom products that you might not want to leave out in the open. This can include things such as medications and personal hygiene products. 

You should spend time designing your cabinets with a little extra detail beyond the basic and utilitarian look that they tend to start with. Consider purchasing a vanity that blends in with the rest of the aesthetic of your bathroom. This means looking for something that is the same or a complementary color as the rest of your bathroom decor. 

Consider the Shower Tiles 

Enhancing the look of your bathroom can be done in a variety of ways, but changing out the shower tiles that you are currently using is by far one of the best ways to do so. Better Homes & Gardens explains: 

With nearly infinite color, material, and designs available, customizing a shower with tile has never been easier. For a bathroom shower idea that'll save you money, outfit most of the shower in a simple, affordable tile, but pull out all the stops with an accent tile.

You can have a hotel-quality shower in your bathroom if that is what you choose to do. The tiles that you put up in your shower will play a major role in this. 

Adding Flair to the Floor Tiles 

The flooring in your bathroom is likely to differ from the flooring that you use in the remainder of your home. This is because tile is still the leading flooring option for bathrooms. However, don't give in the temptation to simply use the tile flooring that initially comes with your home. It is likely to have a blank and rather uninspired look to it. Instead, you should consider putting in some detailed and intricate tiles into the flooring of your bathroom. Then, and only then, can you rest assured that your bathroom will have the beautiful and inspired look that you are aiming for. 

Contrasting Sink 

You will use the sink in your bathroom on a daily basis. From brushing your teeth to washing your hands, the sink in your bathroom plays an important role in your daily life. Unlike many other parts of your bathroom, it is advisable to consider colors and designs that directly contrast with the remainder of your kitchen. A contrasting sink helps to highlight this incredibly important part of your bathroom and helps it to stand out. 

Popular options for contrasting sink materials these days include hammered nickle or iron. Metal has a natural shine to it that tends to contrast quite nicely with virtually any color that you might select for the remainder of your bathroom. 

Shower Amenities 

Finally, don't forget that part of designing the perfect bathroom is about including elements that make the use of the space more comfortable. One way that you can do this is to add shower amenities. A few examples include: 

  • A shower seat 
  • Built-in storage space 
  • Pebbled floor tiles for better grip

These elements not only add to the beauty of the shower space itself, but they also make that same space more functional and safe. 

For additional details about the ways that you can transform your bathroom space into something truly special, reach out and contact us for the latest details. 


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