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Bathroom Plumbing Remodeling Ideas and Trends for 2022-2023

Bathroom Plumbing

Renovating your bathroom is all about depth. On the surface, you can retile and repaint. Deeper in, you can change out the cabinet or the sink. 

But deeper, you get into the plumbing. Homeowners are often advised that if they're going to big on a bathroom renovation, plumbing remodels are as big as it gets.  Once you're changing the pipes themselves, the bathroom is your oyster. You can move the toilet, you can add a sink, you can split the shower/tub or go with one and not the other. You can even completely change the arrangement of your bathroom.

Bathroom remodeling trends of 2022 are focusing on luxury and function, which is making for truly beautiful modern bathroom designs. Today, we're taking a deep dive into plumbing remodeling trends where you change more than the surface. Let's explore the behind-the-porcelain luxury you can build into your bathroom for 2022-2023 home renovations.


1. Install a Rainfall Shower Overhead

What else can you do with a plumbing remodel in the bathroom? You can install a shower right overhead. A rainfall shower is a wide panel with many droplet points which feels like a soft (or heavy) rainfall from above. This type of showerhead is considered highly luxurious, and can also be connected to flexible shower attachments from an elegant overhead position.


2. Add a Filtered Beverage Tap

Bathrooms are typically designed for washing up, but you can also give yourself a filtered tap just for drinking water. Whether you make yourself a refrigerated alcove or run a water line through a filter and elegant faucet, a bar sink in the bathroom is a lovely upgrade and a great way to stay hydrated during your daily personal routines. Don't forget to keep a small stock of cups or glasses near your drink tap to best enjoy cool, refreshing beverages during your baths and showers, before bed, and right after you wake up.


9. Embed a Tankless On-Demand Water Heater

One extremely clever bathroom plumbing upgrade, once you have the wall open, is to embed a tankless water heater. This is hidden unit that heats water as it flows through instead of heating and then draining an entire tank of hot water. An on-demand water heater can ensure hot water for showers and baths at any time, even if the washing machine, dishwasher, and sprinklers are all running at the same time.


1. Place a Luxurious Soaker Tub

The single most featured plumbing fixture in current bathroom trends is the deep soaker tub. Magazines and luxury design blogs have defined bathroom luxury as soaking in a freestanding tub, an elegant footless oval or a classic clawfoot, surrounded by candles and essential bath oils. Some surround the tub with leafy potted plants, some with charming bookcases, some put a fireplace on one side and a big screen TV on the other.

But if you love the idea of soaking in hot water up to your shoulders - with or without bubbles, a deep soaker tub is the current favorite bathroom renovation. Give yourself the gift of long, luxurious baths - with or without molded seats and jacuzzi jets.


2. Change You Handle Types

Your favorite kind of hot and cold water controls are very personal. Some people like to balance the hot and cold water perfectly with two knobs. Some prefer the elegance of a single lever. Some care for one on sinks and the other on showers. Now is your chance to choose and have your bathroom hooked up with your personal preference.

With the controls literally at your fingertips, redesign how hot and cold water are accessed in your new bathroom remodel.


5. Tile a Walk-In Shower

After the freestanding soaker tub, spacious luxury showers are a close second in bathroom design trends. Walk-in showers are called this because they are so deep that a shower curtain isn't necessary, but other luxury showers include glass enclosures and luxury tile that defines the entire bathroom space.

Walk-in showers are a favorite for many, with plenty of space to relax and your chosen ceramic or stone tiles underfoot. Install a teak bench, enclose it into a sauna compartment, or leave it wide-open and deep enough that no shower curtain is needed at all.


6. Add a Second Sink

If the bathroom is in high use by multiple people, two sinks is a great plumbing upgrade. Double the personal care capabilities with a long counter or an elegant double sink stand.  Two sinks are a favorite for couples who share a master suite bathroom in mornings in mornings and evenings, but are also a great choice for guest and kid's sinks, where one bathroom is shared by two or more bedrooms.


Bathroom plumbing remodel projects are a great opportunity to truly take control of your bathroom design. When you start changing the plumbing, you can change anything. Whether you are getting to install an elegant farmhouse sink or completely reinvent your entire bathroom plumbing design, Edesia Kitchen & Bath Studio is here to provide inspiration and support.  Contact us today to explore the possibilities for remodeling your bathroom plumbing, tile, and all.

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