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Can a Kitchen Floor Be Different From the Rest of the House?

Can a Kitchen Floor Be Different

Choosing a kitchen floor that is a good fit for you is an important step in making sure your redesigned cooking and dining space looks just how you want it to, and many homeowners are undecided about whether to make sure their kitchen has the same type of flooring as the rest of their homes. While sticking to one design is certainly one way to create a cohesive home, you likely have several other options to choose from when it comes to incorporating a kitchen floor that looks different from the rest of the house.

Here are some of the most important things to consider when choosing a kitchen floor that matches your design style and works well in the context of the rest of your home!


Choose the Right Colors and Materials 

Selecting floors in colors and materials that work well with the rest of your home is generally more important than focusing too heavily on making sure they are exactly the same, and designs that are comprised of accents that are similar without being too matchy can often create a more interesting and more cohesive kitchen.

This means that it is usually helpful for your kitchen floors to look similar to other hard floors in your home unless you are specifically trying to incorporate a contrasting material that stands out, but they can look just as nice even if they are not exactly the same. With this strategy, you have the flexibility to choose kitchen floors that are a similar color, material, or pattern to your other hard floors without needing to make sure that every detail is exactly the same. 

For example, you might choose to keep all your flooring (including hard floors, carpeting, and any area or accent rugs you choose to add) within a narrow palette of light neutrals. Incorporating several shades with similar hues can often create an even nicer and more interesting space than keeping everything to one or even two specific colors.

Choosing hardwood floors for any rooms that are not carpeted is another common strategy for creating an aesthetic and cohesive home, and incorporating several similar shades can be just as effective as sticking to wood in a single type, shade and pattern. 


Create a Cohesive Space 

Likewise, making sure your floors mesh nicely with your cabinets, countertops, wall color, and other large surfaces in your kitchen can make a much larger impact on the appearance of your kitchen than being overly concerned with how they compare to the rest of your home.

While many modern homeowners do take steps to design spaces that incorporate similar colors, materials, and designs in every room, especially those that utilize an open concept design that naturally makes a space appear larger and its rooms more connected, this is hardly an essential aspect of creating an aesthetic kitchen. 


Consider Functionality 

Kitchen floors often need to be durable enough to withstand heavier use than the rest of your home, which means that considering what your floor will likely come in contact with is an important step in choosing an appropriate material.

Wet shoes, cooking spills, and other common sources of floor damage may not impact quality floors as heavily as lower-end materials, which means that it can be perfectly appropriate to base your kitchen floor selection on longevity over matching the rest of your floors. 


Choose Edesia Kitchen & Bath Studio for a Beautiful Kitchen Floor 

No matter what type of kitchen floor you are interested in, choosing Edesia Kitchen & Bath Studio is an important step in making sure you get a high-quality floor that meets your expectations.

Whether you are considering how a new floor can best fit into a full kitchen remodel or renovation or simply looking to replace your outdated original floor with something a bit more modern, our experts can help you consider your options when it comes to determining what type of kitchen floor is the best fit for your vision or current space.

Contact us today to learn more about some of the most aesthetic and durable floor options you have to choose from or to get started!


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