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Choosing the Right Under-Cabinet Lighting for Your Kitchen

Under-Cabinet Lighting

Are you looking for a kitchen upgrade that won't break the bank?  Adding under-cabinet lighting can alter your kitchen and make it warm and inviting.

It's also practical and can eliminate shadows and provide additional lighting for meal prep. 

Here are some tips on how to choose the best under-cabinet lighting for your home.


Placement is Everything

Whether you're looking for an entire kitchen remodel or need a small upgrade, adding under-cabinet lighting can transform your kitchen.  Before you begin, consider these factors.

  • Why do I want under-cabinet lighting?  Is it for function?  Aesthetics? 
  • If it's for function, then add lighting where you normally do your meal prep, you'll appreciate it when it's winter and dark at 5 pm.
  • If it's for aesthetics, you'll want the lights evenly spaced throughout.
  • Another option might be to act as accent lighting and highlight cookbooks or sentimental dinnerware.

Whatever the reason, you need a plan before you begin.  Do your research, and check out pictures of kitchens you like so you can draw inspiration from them.   Then it's time to get to work.


Under-Cabinet Power Source

How to power your lights is just as important as where you put them.  Here are the two most common types.

  • Battery operated — If you're not quite ready to take the plunge into hard-wire lighting, battery-operated ones are available.  They can be turned on or off by touch or a wireless remote.  The only con is that you may go through a lot of batteries if you use them often. 

  • Hard-wire lighting — This type of lighting needs to be done by a professional.  Cabinets will require some modification if it wasn't done during construction or kitchen installation.  However, the end result will be amazing — illuminating your kitchen with a homey glow.


Types of Under-Cabinet Lights

You may be surprised to learn that there's a bunch of different options for under-cabinet lighting.  Everything from puck lights to track lighting, here are just a few.

  • Puck lights — shaped like a hockey puck, these lights are usually battery operated and turn on/off by touch.

  • Linear lighting — Just like it sounds, this type of lighting is in a strip or line.  It provides a uniform distribution of light so it's perfect for the meal prep area.

  • Recessed lights or surface mount — Although they're pretty similar, surface mount lights may jut out a small amount and won't be flush with the cabinet.  This may not be a problem considering its placement, but it's just another thing to keep in mind.

  • LED strip lights — An easy kitchen upgrade option, this lighting can give a contemporary and modern feel while reducing shadows and elevating style.


Along with the type of lighting comes bulb choices — LED, fluorescent, or xenon. 

  • LED — LEDs are long-lasting, provide bright light, and are fairly inexpensive.  They're also dimmable, making them a great choice for ambient lighting.

  • Fluorescent — Gives off lots of bright light and very little heat.  An inexpensive choice, the only downfall is they usually can't be dimmed.

  • Xenon — This type of bulb gives off a nice warm light, which would make the kitchen very inviting.  While they're not quite as energy-efficient as LEDs, they're still a good choice.  They do give off a bit of heat, so that's an important factor to consider when deciding upon the type of lighting to choose.


Overall, you'll need to figure out the types of lighting, power source, and bulbs to use.  If you need help or are looking for more information regarding under-cabinet lighting, contact Edesia Kitchen and Bath Studio for an in-home consultation.

 Our knowledgeable team of experts will help you turn your ideas into reality.    

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