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Designing a Nursery for Your New Baby

Designing a Nursery

Welcoming a new baby to your home is an exciting time, and many new parents get ready for the big day by building a nursery. The perfect nursery design is beautiful, safe, and comfortable for your baby with inspiring colors and shapes. Of course, a good nursery is also comfortable and practical for parents who do all the hard work of keeping their baby safe and happy. 

We know setting up a nursery can be a big task, one that you want to get just right. To help, here is a simple ten-step checklist to build a nursery that you and your baby will love.


10 Steps for a Perfect Nursery Setup

1) Choose Your Baby's Crib

A good crib is simple, empty, and safe. You want a sturdy frame, slats a soon-to-be adventurous baby cannot escape from, and a firm snugly fit mattress. Babies sleep best in a warm onesie on their backs, without pillows, blankets, or toys. So make sure you find a crib that is comfy without these items.

2) Hang Your Baby's First Mobile

Choosing a mobile is a heartwarming and personal decision for any new parent. Your baby's mobile will be their first inspiring sight from the crib. You can choose a simple handmade mobile or one that spins and plays music on its own. Whether you choose little moons and stars, hot air balloons, or swimming sea creatures is between you and your baby. 

3) Design a Closet and Changing Table

As a parent, you will appreciate a well-designed changing table and baby supplies storage area. You can use the closet to hang or fold baby clothes or choose a changing station with drawers for every tiny sock, onesie, and all your necessary changing supplies in one place. You can also build yourself a changing station with a small countertop on one end of the room, complete with a handwashing sink or even a deeper baby washing basin.

4) Find Your Favorite Nursing or Rocking Chair

Every nursery needs one very comfy chair for holding your baby. If you will be nursing, be sure to think about what you would prefer in a nursing chair. Consider a rocker or gliding rocker to help rock your baby to sleep, or a chair with a footrest or ottoman to put your feet up in those precious moments when you can sit down.

5) Choose Safe, Easy-to-Clean Flooring

The best flooring for a nursery is simple and easy to clean. If you choose carpet, prioritize low-fuzz and stain-resistant qualities. However, many parents prefer play mats or even fit-together foam playroom flooring for their baby's first two years or more. You can also create a tile or durable laminate space at one end of the room for bathing and changing.

6) Paint or Hang Wall Art for Baby

What you put on the walls will be some of the first art your baby sees as their mind and personality takes form. Many parents paint soothing yet interesting shapes on the wall, like trees or ocean waves. Others choose natural, non-toxic paint in a soothing color and hang fun children's paintings or even interesting wall sculptures to fascinate and inspire their young child.

7) Place a Bookshelf or Montessori Toy Shelf

While your baby is an infant, the nursery bookshelf is mostly for parents. However, soon they will be an active toddler, and low-set wooden Montessori toy shelf may be the perfect way to make toys easy for your child to both access and to clean up on their own.

8) Place a White Noise Machine

Many parents find that a white noise machine or soft sleep music is a wonderful way to help their baby get to sleep and stay asleep through the night - even when noise is made in the house. With smart home devices, you can build in responsive speakers with music and white noise capabilities.

9) Consider a Humidifier or Air Purifier

Get your home's air quality tested before bringing your baby home, and consider an additional humidifier or air purifier in the nursery. These can provide some pleasant white noise and make sure your baby is breathing clean, nourishing air.

10) Install Your Baby Monitor

Lastly, it's time to install your baby monitor. A good baby monitor has clear sound and video to help you keep an eye on your baby while they are resting peacefully.


Building the Perfect Nursery for Your Baby with Edesia

Here at Edesia, we want to help you celebrate your new baby by creating the perfect nursery to nurture their first years of life. Our team can handle light renovation, custom baby cabinets, a handwashing or baby-washing sink, and so much more. Contact us today to bring your baby's first room to life with our designer builders.

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