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Everything to Know About Bathroom Chandeliers

bathroom chandelier

Luxurious master bathrooms are a trend that just won't quit. After all, who doesn't want a bathroom that makes you feel like royalty and provide relaxation like a resort spa? Once you have a deep soaker tub, heating floors, and a soft glowing vanity, all that's left is a glittering bathroom chandelier to make your palace-like bathroom design complete.

Bathroom chandeliers are a beautiful trend that we absolutely love. Of course, putting a chandelier in your bathroom calls for some very special planning to create the perfect combination of beauty and electrical safety. As bathroom design experts, Edesia is here to share the most important things you need to know before hanging your bathroom chandelier.


Where to Hang a Bathroom Chandelier

Chandeliers are space-consuming, typically hung over large dining tables or in the soaring upper reaches of a vaulted-ceiling ballroom. There are also very important regulations for bathroom lighting safety. Where you hang your bathroom chandelier should be elegant, at the perfect height, and also comply with electrical safety regulations.

Chandeliers are typically hung at least seven and a half feed above an open floor. However, building code for bathrooms require any light fixture to be at least eight feet above a tub, or at least three feet away from the tub/shower. This is why you rarely see a light inside the shower space.

If you have the ceiling space, one of the best places to put your chandelier is directly above a your free-standing tub. You can soak in steamy water under the glittering or sculptural beauty of your chandelier. Of course, this only works if you do not have a combination tub/shower.

If your bathroom has a sloped ceiling, as is common with -frame houses and many upper-story bathrooms, you can place your chandelier at the highest point to get the most air-space. Use the chain length to ensure your chandelier is at just the right height for an elegant room composition.


Electrical Safety for Bathroom Chandeliers

As you know, electrical safety is extremely important in bathroom design. When installing a new light fixture, you will need to think carefully about how to ensure that the electrical components are always protected from the damp and unlikely to short-circuit.

When shopping for chandeliers, limit your search only to those rated for wet or damp locations. This means that the wiring and the lighting outlets are sealed in a way that will not short or corrode in the steam or even if splashed by the shower on accident.

Regulations also require that a bathroom light must be wired to a wall switch, and that switch cannot be a dimmer. This is because wall-wired lights are better protected, and because dimmer switches are more likely to have a voltage error.

The good news is that you don't need a dimmer switch for chandelier mood lighting. Simply equip your bathroom chandelier with smart bulbs (they have small bulb sizes, now) and you can adjust both the brightness and color for the perfect spa-like bathtime.


Style Considerations for Bathroom Chandeliers

The style of your bathroom chandelier can be inspired by your bathroom's current decor and your own inspiration. You can have glittering crystal, rustic candle-style, or a sweeping modern light sculpture; the choice is entirely up to you. However, we do have a few tips that can help you plan for beauty and easy cleaning.

Remember to match the color of your existing metal fixtures, or update your taps to match your ideal chandelier. This will help maintain a unified and elegant bathroom design. You will also want to avoid cloth or woven shades, which will pick up moisture and are harder to clean. For easy cleaning, favor smooth finishes and more uniform chandelier bodies that can be wiped down in just a few minutes on a step ladder.


Unleash Your Bathroom's Resort Potential with a Chandelier

A chandelier in the bathroom can help you to feel impossibly elegant in your own inner sanctum. Transform your bathroom into a resort escape with the perfect chandelier design. For help choosing and installing the ideal chandelier for your master bathroom, contact the designer-builders of Edesia Kitchen & Bath Studio.


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