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How a Kitchen Renovation can Help You Make the Most of Your Space

Kitchen Renovation can Help You Make the Most of Your Space

Kitchen renovations are an opportunity to fully update and improve on the current design. You can touch up the features or you can rebuild everything to maximize your kitchen space for something new. 

One thing that many homeowners don't realize is how you can make the most of your space with a kitchen renovation. Big and little changes can make a big difference in the function, flow, and the joy of cooking in the space.

Did you know that just flipping the cabinet hinge direction can transform your cooking experience? Imagine what you can do with custom cabinet builders and ergonomic experts at your command. Let's dive into our favorite ways to renovate a kitchen to make the most of your space from corner to corner.


Optimize Your Layout for Square Footage

Your kitchen layout is not set in stone - it's set in hardboard and plaster. There's actually a lot more space to work with than you realize. A modern architect can help you lay out several different options for your cabinets and appliances that make better use of the space.

Whether you want to redesign your island or the entire kitchen, a few changes can give you more storage and/or more room to move around your kitchen by optimizing the layout for square footage and ease of movement.


Make Cabinets More Useful and Accessible

Pull-out, spinning, and vertical organization are all the rage because they make your entire cabinet space useful and accessible.

The size and depth of your cabinets are only as useful as your reach. If you have to send your youngest relative to the back corner of your cabinets, it's time to reorganize. An expert cabinet builder can help you design the perfect rolling, spinning, pull-out, and sectioned cabinet design so that every square inch is useful and a joy to use.

Elegant organization systems are not just for the pantry anymore. You can have vertical spice racks, Lazy Susan corner shelves, and well-organized drawers in every level of your kitchen cabinetry.


Modernize Cramped Traditional Designs

Many traditional styles of the kitchen are "chunky" in design. Heavy cabinets and closed-in spaces that felt cottage-cozy to our ancestors now feel claustrophobic to our modern open-plan tastes. A kitchen remodel can reclaim a surprising amount of space in your kitchen by modernizing now-cramped traditional designs.

Choose sleek, elegant new cabinets and appliances with lower footprints and a more spacious feel to each design element.


The Perfect Island Update

When it comes to making the most of space in your kitchen, the island is key. There's no doubt that the island defines the size and shape of the path through your kitchen and the size of each workstation.

A new island can completely reinvent your kitchen's look, feel, and flow. You may benefit from a hexagonal island that optimizes pathways or a long half-bar island that can double as your breakfast table.


Add Open Walls, Pass-Throughs, and Windows

You can even change the structure around your kitchen to create more space. Opening interior walls and creating pass-through windows is a great way to make your kitchen more open and welcoming, and modernize an open-plan home.

With the right home design, you could also open up an exterior window, giving your kitchen a new bay-window breakfast nook or a flood of natural light with more square footage for family and flow.


Illuminated Shelves and Frosted Upper Cabinets

Our final trick is illumination. Did you know that lighting up your kitchen cabinet shelves and pantry can increase the effective space? It's because you can see the pans and ingredients toward the back and will use that space more easily.

We've also discovered that frosted cabinet doors, especially on the upper cabinets, combined with shelf lighting create the elegant appearance of distant windows and will make even small kitchens feel more spacious.


There are many great ways that a kitchen renovation can help you increase and optimize your space. Make the most of your kitchen through a redesign that is both stylish and useful in every detail. Contact us today to plan your kitchen renovation with the help of our expert designer-builders.

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