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How Bathroom Remodeling Can Add Space to a Bathroom

Bathroom Remodeling Can Add Space

Bathrooms tend to be the smallest rooms in any house. They are also where we need the most elbow-room getting ready in the morning.

Getting even a few more cubic feet of airspace or a few more square feet of floors pace feels like a luxury. The good news is that almost every bathroom design can be made more spacious with clever remodeling techniques.

Bathroom remodeling is the leading and most effective way to turn a cramped bathroom into a space that's comfortable and roomy. Let's dive into the best remodeling techniques to add space to your bathroom.


Floating Sinks and Countertops

The first technique to master is floating surfaces. A floating sink has most of its plumbing tucked behind the wall, or into a very tidy piece of floating cabinetry.

A floating counter around your sink provides counter space without taking up space around the knees and leaves the floor completely open to the walls - which is much easier to clean. This creates both usable space and the feeling of an uncluttered bathroom.

In addition to floating sinks and counters, you can also build floating shelves that provide storage without creating bulk like full cabinetry.


Shower Stall In Place of a Tub

Most modern adults shower often and bathe rarely, so a home only needs one bathtub for the occasional soak or messy cleanup. All other bathrooms can reclaim that open space with a luxurious shower stall.

Give yourself elbow-room and open up the entire feel of the bathroom. You will have room to move around, room to stretch in the shower. You may even have space for a beautiful teak shower seat for relaxing in the warm water on a weekend afternoon or after a tough day.


Well-Placed Hooks and Towel Racks

Hooks and towel racks are like floating shelves that don't even take much horizontal space. Both can hang clean towels or allow damp towels to dry between uses.

Both make the bathroom look more decorative while also serving a useful purpose. Think carefully about the most useful places to have towels hanging, like near the sink, shower and wherever you like to stand when you dry off.


Design a Place for Cleaning Supplies

Other than towels, cleaning supplies takes up the most storage space in any bathroom. Plan for where it will go, this time, instead of defaulting to the biggest available cabinet.

Choose somewhere convenient, out of the way, and maybe even decorative. Renovating gives you the chance to choose an aesthetic and space-saving way to store your cleaning supplies. You might even mount it on floating racks or inside a frosted shelf.


Turn Tight Corners into Shelving

Bathrooms are full of tight corners that are hard to clean and otherwise wasted space. The gap between the toilet and the wall, or between the sink and the shower are just lost space - but they don't have to be.

With remodeling, you can build slender shelves into these spaces that are both easier to clean and provide incredibly at-hand storage. From paper and book storage near the toilet to a handy place for shampoo and tooth brushes, your dead space in any bathroom can become beautiful strategic storage.


Overhead Shelves and Cabinets

Don't forget your overhead space. No bathroom uses the space above our heads, but you can. Add a ring of floating shelves for upper storage or subtle decor. Or better, install cubbies that go to the ceiling for less dusting concern. Hang baskets or hang toiletries in a way that is both aesthetic and makes good use of the upper spaces.


Your bathroom doesn't have to feel small. With a little remodeling, even the tidiest bathroom can be redesigned to feel spacious while adding more storage than exists already. With floating sink, cabinets, shelving, shower stalls, and clever use of space, your bathroom will soon feel luxuriously roomy.

Contact us today to consult on how your bathroom can be made more spacious with just a few elegant changes.

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