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How do I Plan my Bathroom Remodeling Project?

Plan my Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom remodeling projects remain one of the most popular updates chosen by homeowners, and for good reason. 

The bathroom is arguably one of the most-used rooms within the home. It's an area where individuals prepare for the upcoming day, as well as a place that has the potential to offer a welcome sanctuary after a hectic day.

When a bathroom meets the needs of those living within the home, daily living becomes more streamlined and effortless, and family members who need a space to call their own, feel more relaxed as they know they have a quiet place where they can unwind after a full day.


Start With a Budget 

Before a homeowner can decide what they want to accomplish with their bathroom remodeling project, they must decide on a budget they would like to follow throughout the process. Nothing can ruin the joy of a beautiful new bathroom faster than significant cost overruns.

Most people have a general idea of how much they would like to spend on their remodeling project and an amount they would feel comfortable with, if they had to spend a little more for an unforeseen challenge.

It's also a good idea to have dollar figures in mind before consulting with a designer. A good designer will be better able to help homeowners achieve the bathroom of their dreams, if they know the budget limitations before getting started on the project.


Project Scope  

It's not always necessary to do a complete gut job in order to get the look and feel that one desires for a bathroom.

On the other hand, if a homeowner knows that only a complete gut job will allow them to create the room they've always dreamed of, they need to be prepared in a variety of ways in order to complete the project with a minimum of disruption.

Not only must they allow for a larger budget and a larger contingency for unexpected surprises, they must also consider:

  • The timing of the project.
  • How the project affects other areas.
  • Will the new room support the rest of the home? 

Completing a bathroom remodeling project invariably means that at least for a period of time, family members will not have access to the room's toilet, sink, shower and/or tub fixtures. This may not be much of a source of stress during a relaxed time, but during the holidays or another time of increased stress within a home, it could present a significant challenge. 

If a remodeling project means removing footage from another room, the homeowners need to consider how they plan to adjust their expectations with less space available for other needs.

Lastly, although it might be tempting to want an over-the-top bathroom remodel, it's important to consider when finished, will the newly updated bathroom complement the rest of the home, or look a bit out of place.


Know Your Musts and Your Style 

With almost every remodeling project, there are certain things the project must include. For some, it may be additional storage and dual sinks.

Others may want a shower large enough for two, or an area to sit down and style one's hair and apply makeup. Knowing the features that are not up for compromise, makes it easier to prioritize if the budget gets squeezed.

Traditionally, style means either contemporary, traditional, modern farmhouse, etc. However, it can also point to what family members expect to receive in terms of value, from their remodeling project.

Some homeowners are more practical and simply want additional floor space and more storage to feel their bathroom serves its purpose. Others are looking for their remodel to add an area where they can relax and decompress. Knowing your personal style of what you expect the bathroom to do for your life will influence its overall design.

Hire the Right Designer  

A good designer has experience in completing projects that range from a few key updates to a complete bathroom makeover. 

They know it's important to not only make a room more attractive, but to truly hone in on what the homeowners hope to achieve with updating their bathroom.

The ideal designer listens carefully to their clients and then brings their dreams and ideas into reality, all the while respecting their client's personal budget.


Ready to start a bathroom remodel? We can help! Please contact us today for a personal consultation on how to design your perfect bathroom. 

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