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How to Design Your Dream Bathroom

Design Your Dream Bathroom

A dream bathroom design is something that is unique for each person or couple. Every person has their own preferences for the perfect bathroom. 

Would you rather dark tile and white grout or pale tile with cheerful patterns? Do you want a heat lamp or wall heater? Do you want two faucet handles or a central lever handle? Do you want a waterfall sink or a rainwater shower?

Each choice is uniquely yours to make when it comes to designing your dream bathroom. Here's a quick guide on making all the right decisions to love the bathroom you build.


The Bath Experience You Dream Of

How do you like to bathe most? Some people long for the perfect soak in a deep tub, some want a couple's jacuzzi. For many modern professionals, the dream is a walk-in shower with a luxurious waterfall showerhead and a seat where you can lounge in the warm water for hours.

Choose the bathing experience of your dreams and build it. If you want a dual-space, build it. If you want a dedicated tub or shower, you have the leisure to design it into your dream bathroom.


Neutral Colors with Personality

What color tile and paint should you choose? A bathroom should last, and allow anyone to relax inside. But it's also your bathroom and should reflect your personal style. So choose the most classy of possible combinations.

Choose a neutral color scheme that you find soothing and then decide on a unique way to add a splash of personality. Choose a tile with your accent in your favorite color, or paint your accent drywall in a color you find pleasing.


Modern and Well-Designed Fixtures

The fixtures are an important part of any bathroom design, but which ones should you pick? Start with what you find most convenient and enjoyable.

Choose handles that are comfortable in your hands and that you've enjoyed using in other bathrooms. You can also explore a few luxury fixtures like waterfall faucets or even built-in water artwork to make your bathroom perfect.


Gentle Heating and Powerful Ventilation

Bathrooms are most comfortable when they have just the right amount of heat and fresh air.

We rarely think about it, but our dream bathroom always includes a quiet, working fan that instantly clears out humidity. It's always warm when you are most sensitive to cold drafts, and you can always adjust the room to your comfort level.

So consider the type of heater you want and be sure to pay attention to your bathroom fan quality.


A Comfortable Toilet Nook with Storage

There are toilet nooks that feel cramped, those where you can never reach what you need, and those that are somehow perfect. 

Consider what you like best in a toilet nook, from nearby spare paper storage to in-reach bookshelves. You can build aesthetic privacy screens or give yourself more leg-room depending on your own preferences.


Handy Aesthetic Grab Bars

Grab bars are for people of all ages and capabilities. In fact, a grab bar in the right place can make your bathroom feel much more luxurious - not to mention comfortable.

A bar near the toilet or over the bathtub edge is the ideal place to provide a little brushed metal support. Not to mention reducing the chances of a slip-and-fall in the future.


The Perfect Place for Your Towels

Lastly, don't forget the ideal spots to hang your towels. You may want a dedicated hand-towel near the sink at just the right height. Consider the most convenient possible place to put your bath towel rack, in reach of the shower and perhaps delightfully near your room heater.


How do you design a dream bathroom? By identifying what could make your bathroom a dream uniquely to you. Contact us today to consult on your dream bathroom design.

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