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How to Find the Right Cabinet Style for Your Kitchen

kitchen cabinet style

Your kitchen is defined by the cabinetry. The cabinets take up a large visual portion of your kitchen provides the canvas for the rest of your kitchen design.

The form and function define how easily you cook in your own kitchen. So how do you design the perfect cabinets for your kitchen, either for a new home or a kitchen remodel?

kitchen planning guide

The question is one that is led by your experience, preference, and the advice of experts who can help match your vision to real-world cabinet styles and designs.  


What Makes a Great Kitchen Cabinet?

  • Attractive Style
  • Useful Design
  • Updated Features
  • Professionally Installed

Designing great kitchen cabinets is all about matching your personal style with the way you plan to use the kitchen. Your sense of aesthetic will determine what is a beautiful kitchen to you.

Your cooking style will determine the most useful and convenient way to design your kitchen. Professional builders are the final piece of the puzzle, ensuring that your vision is stunning and built to last.  


8 Kitchen Cabinet Styles

  1. Shaker
    • Simple, clean lines and simple bevels
  2. Country
    • Soft rounded cabinetry with curved comfortable detail
  3. French Country
    • More ornate country stile with more ornate cabinet handles
  4. Craftsman
    • Handmade and straight-hewn, usually made of carved wood instead of particle board and hared in simple yet attractive bevels.
  5. Contemporary
    • Flat and nearly camouflaged cabinets, often with handleless design
  6. Modern
    • Hard-edged and sharp cornered, modern cabinets are simple and sleek.
  7. Rustic
    • Rough-hewn cabinets showing the raw grain and texture of the wood
  8. Tuscan
    • Elegant and double-beveled cabinets designed to convey luxury


Trends in Kitchen Cabinet Design

Another way to design cabinets you'll love is to check out the recent trends. These are trends for an important reason; many other homeowners loved these ideas. Trends are based on recent technology, values, and styles that really work for people, and might be great for your kitchen too.

Invisible Kitchens

Invisible kitchens are designed to "disappear" using clever cabinetry and flush kitchens. A flush kitchen is one where the wall meets the edge of the counter and front of the fridge. Hidden cabinetry covers the entire kitchen and can even blend with the other nearby wall panels.

Reclaimed Wood Cabinets

Reclaimed wood is the best of eco-friendly construction. Build new cabinets from wood removed from buildings remodeled or torn down. You can save trees and give your kitchen some incredible history by using hardwood that was harvested many years ago.

Floor boards, wall panels, and cabinets can be made from reclaimed wood and it's a hot eco-friendly trend in kitchen remodels.

Refinished Cabinet Restoration

You can also choose to keep your current cabinets and rebuild the rest of your kitchen. How can old cabinets match a new style? Refinish them with new stain or paint. Even replace the cabinet doors to upgrade your cabinets without a complete rebuild.


Modern Cabinet Upgrades

Looking to upgrade your cabinet design? Explore some of our favorite options to upgrade not just your cabinets, but the look, feel, and function of your entire kitchen.

Built-In Organizer Systems

Organizer systems have been hot in kitchen design for over a decade. When you know your stores and how you like to store them, built-in organization can turn your kitchen into a dream.

Pull-out spice racks, sectional drawers, and multi-sized pantry baskets make it easy to sort and manage your kitchen and it might be the perfect upgrade for a previously plain kitchen space.

Fold-Out Cabinet Access

Fold-out cabinet designs apply gas-spring arms and murphy-style hidden doors to everything. If you use a heavy mixer, put it on an extending arm instead of hauling it yourself.

You can also expand your surfaces with slide-out cutting boards and fold-out countertop sections. In handicap homes, motorized countertops can change the level of your counters for the greatest range of access.

Frosted Glass and Interior Lighting

Inner cabinet lights are one of the best home design ideas for today's LED light strips. There's something extremely useful about being able to light your shelves, all the way to the back when looking for a dish or ingredient.

Not only does this extend to countertop lighting, but frosted glass cabinet doors cause your kitchen to glow beautifully when the shelves are lit inside.


The Benefits of a Professional Kitchen Designer

The last phase of designing the perfect cabinets for your kitchen is to work with professional kitchen builders. Not only can a team ensure your cabinets are installed perfectly, but we can also provide ideas, insights, and upgrade options to turn the kitchen of your dreams into a better-than-dreaming reality. 

Whether your perfect kitchen cabinets are cozy country-style or sleek contemporary cabinets hiding an invisible kitchen, contact us to consult on creating your ideal kitchen remodel and build. 

kitchen planning guide

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